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  1. Yeah, the oil-free powder works decently enough...although I haven't had to have it on for a full day yet, so I really don't know how well it keeps up. I try to use them as little as possible, only when going out on special occasions where I want to look as good as I can. They didn't send me a shipping notice, either... But it came very quickly.
  2. I read a few make-up tips from different sites before I got it, and it said your concealer should be lighter than your natural skin tone. I got the light camo, and it's barely lighter...and blends in perfectly...but it's not light enough to lighten up the darker red spots. So.. medium might work for you.. depends on how dark your natural skin color is. For your tan's, it should be perfect. I'm going to have to purchase a medium stick for when I get tanned or burned or whatnot, as well.
  3. Antibiotics work well against bacne. They seem to all be cystic, so oral medications are the way to go. I agree with the above poster about Neutrogena Acne Wash... works well on your shoulders/neck where you don't put bp on (if combining them is too much for you). Don't waste bp on your back, since they aren't whiteheads or blackheads (at least most of them), the BP isn't really going to have much of an effect. Save it for your face, and save money! I recommend Tetracycline, 250mg, once a
  4. The first few days of Dan's regimen can cause a lot of redness.. but with proper moisturizing (not AHA..save that for 2 weeks into the routine), it should go away.
  5. I'm a guy, and I speak for all the guys I know (most of them), when I say that we're quite realistic when it comes to flawless skin on women. The women in makeup ads look so rediculous, it isn't funny. Bronze/Gold/Beaming skin _doesn't_ look sexy... and I really wouldn't want to date a woman that looked like that. Yes, I still like beautiful women... but imperfections... well... no one's perfect. And everyone realizes that and understands it except you women.. Lighten up, lean back, relax,
  6. Definately ask your doctor. I have yet to hear one say anything about immunities to acne antibiotics. I know my mother was on tetracycline for about 5 years before she went off... and never had a break out while on it. As soon as she came off ( to get pregnant ), she flared back up again... with scarring. I started with tetracycline, and it worked wonders...and I was only taking it when I remembered (every few days...overdosing a few times), and it worked quite well. When I ran out, I never
  7. hmmm. I wouldn't, "intensive" implies that it will be rather harsh..for treatment of wrinkles and stuff (what AHA is really for). Stick with Eucerin Renewal, with AHA. It's Dan's recommended moisturizer, and I recommend it, and lots of other people do as well. Quickens up red mark healing, lessens flakes to just about nothing, and overall does a great job moisturizing.
  8. The package came today, and i'm experimenting...with as little as I can because of the cost. But anyways, it seems to clump with the bp that I already have on my face, but I haven't put any moisturizer on today, so maybe I need some on first. I rinsed my face off, and waiting to dry to try again. Edit: This is definately great stuff. It blends in naturally, and looks completely invisible (at least to me). It doesn't seem to provide 100% converage of dark purple/red marks from past cysts..
  9. About the ice thing: It's an interesting theory, but I have yet to hear a doctor or dermatologist mention anything other than heat and steam before any topical medication. I can't really test it, since all I have is red spots to deal with. However, I am sure that while you may be letting extra bp in to the actual pimples that are swollen, you won't be letting in as much to the rest of your face that is unaffected...since the pores would be constricted. Consequently, prevention of new pimples wou
  10. Not really sure what you're refering to. We all get red spots, but flakiness is easily preventable by moisturizing.
  11. I would assume after, but I've never used any form of makeup before. My face doesn't peel anymore, and I only use moisturizer at night..so it shouldn't be a problem. But I don't know what to tell you. When it comes in, i'll experiment... I hope it works well. I really hate red marks, and its the only thing preventing me about being excited for college this semester.
  12. Cold bp? Last time I checked, pores opened to heat, closed to cold. Opened to let sweat out when its hot, and closed to keep body temperatures regulated when its cold. Not sure where you got your facts from. Edit: 5 minutes of research didn't lead me anywhere.. but I did find various face products that produce steam to dilate (open) pores for faster absorbtion of topical creams. Best time to put bp on? Definately after a steamy shower.
  13. I tried this a few times, just as an experiment. I also did the "mix the eucerin aha with the bp" idea.. both worked well, and took less time... but i'm not sure how effective it is.
  14. Just ordered a light camo concealer stick, and some of the oil-free powder. We'll see how it works. I wonder where they ship from.. the shipping was quite expensive for a total package weight of about 10 ounces...
  15. What you need to consider in asking questions like this, is that this is an ACNE MESSAGE BOARD. Everyone here has acne, and if for some reason or another, if they quit getting acne, they _wont_ come back. Why? Because they have no reason to anymore. Sure theres a few people here and there that stick around. But it is impossible to guage an accurate assessment of cures or benefits, because if someone finds something that works for them, they aren't bound to keep visiting to report their succes