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  1. Ive decided to miss out the cinnamon and go with bergamot with the clove instead. Thanks for your reply. I love essential oils....so many uses. Update to follow.........
  2. I am sure "Brat Shit" appreciates your help but please dont be rude to people on here. Every subjuct has controversy and arguments but this is not the place.
  3. Maybe in America if thats where your from but in the uk it only costs around £3. Maybe its a personal thing. Neals yard and many other Aromatherapy books confirm you can apply direct.
  4. UPDATE - Around 2 weeks now and going really well for me. Minimal dryness and no peeling. The spots heal within 2 days and I have definitely had a reduction in new spots.
  5. Any success storys pls? I am about to try a mixture of the two with jojoba oil in a -1% combination. I used a little cinnamon with coconut oil the other morning and by night over half off my acne and scarring redness had calmed
  6. Lavender and tea tree are the only 2 essential oils you can apply directly onto the skin without a carrier. I personally rate lavender over tea tree for acne and scaring. I only use tea tree if I have squished blackheads or spots after a steam. I would add a few drops to jojoba oil to use ass a moisturiser or apply directly before bed. There are so many essential oils that can be used for acne and scarring and I think it's personal preference but I believe you are starting with the best so good
  7. Hey...thanks for this suggestion. I have just ordered it in the cleansing bar which is recommended for acne. Fingers crossed. Gem x
  8. Thank you for your reply - its hard to know what to do for the best isnt it! Esp without professional advice. I am not sure how easy these hormonal checks are in the uk. I have only have SP for 1+ month. Ill see how I go. I am not sure about my other hormones, but I don't agree with the likes of angus cactus as I don't want to add additional hormones...I would rather just balance what I have.
  9. UPDATE! !!! 3 nights in and its working, no new spots and all remaining are dry and almost flat now. My skin isnt dry either!!! (maybe because I had previously had two SA peels so my skin has strengthened) Hope it carrys on improving and working.
  10. Awww thanks "CBIOT13" yeh after thinking about it I dont think ill go for it. I have been taking Saw Palmetto for about a month. .....which is good for me because I have a high male homone. Just waiting for results but may take a while .
  11. First night done and not too bad. .spots are a little bit flatter I think and skins not too dry (for now)
  12. Brilliant - I might go for it and stick to a safe dosage. What strentgh did you have? Oh you said 9 grams sorry.....that's a lot isn't it?
  13. "Nakedsmurf" thank you!!! Any hair loss? "Nakedsmurf" thank you!!! Any hair loss?
  14. Yeyyy hopefully! Thanks for your reply. Mine is Duac too. I might try it tonight