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  1. Thanks Stephanie (my name also btw) Finally found a brand of almond milk that I like in my morning latte (Almond Breeze Original)...yayyyy! Tried vegan shredded cheddar cheese tonight on my taco salad - almost hurled! Terrible! Same with the Tofutti sour cream. I'll just go without.
  2. Well, I'm on day 3 of dairy-free and it's bit tough. I wasn't one to just sit down and have a big glass of milk, but love it in my morning latte or cap and none of the non-dairy subs I've found froth or taste as good But I'm trying to stick it out. I think I found some yogurt subs that I like. My biggest challenge is that we eat out a lot on the weekends. I'm trying to do my menu research ahead of time online, but it's still really difficult when there are so many hidden dairy ingredients.
  3. Thanks guys. I figured I'd have to give it a shot for about 2 months or so. Bums me out though since I really love yogurt and real milk for my morning lattes. Guess I'm looking for some success stories to push me along?
  4. So I posted over the weekend about ordering a gluten sensitivity test (which I did), but I saw an esthetician today for my horrible cystic acne so she could inject some of the cysts. She mentioned that trying to cut out dairy first (before tackling gluten) might be the way to go. Now I'm considering doing that for a few weeks while waiting for my gluten test and its results. I love, love, love greek yogurt (daily) and lattes with 1% cow's milk (also daily). Will be tough!! Anyone have good
  5. We're there other factors that lead you to try going gluten-free or just acne?
  6. I already posted this under "Adult Acne" before I realized there was a Diet section.... Hi all, I just joined this site today. I'm 39 years old and have been dealing with acne as long as I can remember. However, the last 3 -4 months have been the worst of my life! Deep, painful, ugly cystic acne....lovely! It's taken a toll on me or sure....visibly and mentally. So, my next game plan is to get tested for gluten sensitivity. I see on the forums that some folks have tried this. I got blo