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  1. I got a shaving infection about 2 years ago and these are the red marks that have been left behind. Seen the derm an he said it is just blood vessels but it is taking ages to go away.
  2. Hi I have had these red marks for about 2 and half years and they still don't heal. Any ideas? Had Laser and tried loads other but still not healed.
  3. I have had my second treatment and I would say there was some improvement after the first but still really bad and it still doesn't look like it is going to get better any time soon. Has anyone else on here had marks like this and how long if ever did it improve?
  4. I have attached some before and after laser surgery pics of Hyperpigmentation and damaged blood vessels on my face which have been caused by folliculitis. The issue occurred Christmas 2013 but has never really healed I have been given a number of creams, ant-biotics to make it go away but nothing has really worked. If you look at the attached pics you can see on the second day there has been some improvement, I will keep posting and let you know of any further improvement. I hope this helps as w
  5. Jerseyb

    Folliculitis Will Not Heal

    Hi Guys Can someone please please please help!!!!!! Last Christmas I started to develop red marks on my face which I originally thought was Acne. The marks were originally extremely red and crossed half one check and covered a large section of my other cheek. The marks really effected my self esteem and destroyed my confidence. I went to the Dr's and he told me what I had was a shaving infection and gave me some topical steroid and moisturiser and said it should be healed in a couple of
  6. Jerseyb

    Scars Will Not Dissappear

    Hi A little bit about me, I am 28 and have had Acne since I was about 12. My acne was worse when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I would get a lot of break outs on my noes and T-Zone. This problem has now disappeared however where I now get break outs is on my cheeks and beard areas. The acne I use to get would always be those large spots which produced a lot of pus however these would normally disappear in a month or so. Since the end of last year however I have had a few spots t