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  1. Stick with it and you will get results!

    I have now almost completed my three month treatment with EpiDuo (along with tetralysal). I am a 25 year old female who suffers from hormonal acne (mild-moderate) since coming off the pill 2 years ago. First 1-2 weeks of epiduo: face was red, burned after application, had to skip one night or so, face peeled. It wasn't pretty but it wasn't all that bad either - I knew these side effects would disappear. I was scared I was allergic but since it didn't itch that bad and the redness would disappea
  2. Anyone?? I'm scared that it's like a rash and that I'm allergic. I'm not getting any major discomfort though so I hope it's not...!
  3. I am currently on epiduo and tetralysal for acne. ive been using epiduo now for a week. My skin slightly burns when I put it on/after using moisturizer, but it's honestly not been that bad or red. Sometimes my face itches during the day but I don't touch it. However my skin texture has become so weird! I don't know if you can see it in my photos, but the skin has gotten tiny tiny tiny bumps all over (scaly?), almost like goosebumps. It looks quite awful even if you can only see it up close. i
  4. Hi! Anyone here using the combination of epiduo and tetralysal? (300 mg x 2 a day) my acne is hormonal, since quitting the bc I've gotten mild to moderate acne. my main problem is clogged pores! They are everywhere! And I squeeze them out everytime because I can't stand them on my face. I also have regular pimples and sometimes cysts. so far I've been on tetralysal for two weeks, I started epiduo a little over a week ago. i haven't seen any improvements yet. My face is worse if anything.
  5. Honestly, I thought I could manage my acne going off the pill. But I can't. It's just not worth it for me. Between antibiotics and the pill, I think the pill is healthier in the long run... Sure my libido goes down but I just can't take it anymore. My acne is too mild for Accutane, and ive tried most topicals, duac differin bp salicylic acid etc. anyone thinking the same at this moment? Feels crap giving up but Ive been fighting this battle for two years now, enough is enough....
  6. I've used BP plenty of times in the past. It always gets me red and itchy and dry in the beginning. But now when I've started using it yet again, the burning/itching is worse:( also when I look closely, the texture of my skin is slightly "scaly" in the red areas, almost like a rash? Have I become allergic?? The picture is not good enough to show the scaliness but you can see the redness...
  7. I've started using a combo of 2% BHA exfoliant and 5% BP. I've already used the 2% SA exfoliant from Paula's Choice for 2 weeks now. My face has been puuuurgiiiing so bad.... But aside from all those little red pimples and scabs (yes I pick and pop, I suck I know) I can see that my pores are clear and not congested anymore!! So to help with the inflammation, I've added 5% BP. I only had 10% at home but that is too strong for me... so bought a 5% one today. I think I can only use the BHA once
  8. I know how you feel. I'm ashamed at how obsessed I am with my acne, when there are so many worse cases out there. Mine is mild to moderate, and will eventually clear up in one way or another (I hope) however, it's a matter of self-worth and self-esteem and identity to me. I used to be the girl with the perfect, flawless skin. I was always, always complimented on my skin. My friend (who has had acne for ten years) even said once how much she used to envy my skin. USED TO. Because since coming o
  9. Okay so I purchased Paula's choice Clear regular strength 2% salicylic acid exfoliation toner, have been using it once or twice daily for almost two weeks now. Before I started I had some closed comedones on my forehead and cheeks, and some mild acne on my chin and cheeks. Now all those comedones on my forehead are "open" but still clogged, and I have small red pimples on my cheeks and lots and lots of blackheads around my chin/jaw that weren't really there before.... is this what they call pu
  10. So it's been one week now ! (A little more actually). my acne is definitely worse haha I think I might be purging from my regimen. All of the congested pores on my forehead have surfaced and are gaping big blackheads at the mo. some inflamed and red pimples on my cheeks, a couple of deeper ones around my jaw. All in all, I look worse than I did before I started. But I'm going to give it at least another week! on the positive side, my skin does have a softer feel due to the exfoliant, and is
  11. Hello everyone! I'm a 24 year old female that has suffered from mild/moderate acne since coming off the pill. I've taken antiobiotics (with great success), used Duac, Differin and BP with some success. But I'm sick of antibiotics, sick of having dry irritated skin from harsh topicals... I mainly have small, red (but painful!) pimples on my cheeks, some congested pores on my forehead and monthly I get awful big red bumps (cysts?) on my chin that hurt soooo bad. Trioxil isn't supposed t
  12. I've been using Differin almost every night now for about 2,5 weeks. It is working. It got worse after three days, but after a week the break-out had mostly cleared. Now I have a few closed comedones only on my forehead. So tonight I'm going to start using it on my chin as well. I started out testing only one area since I figured I couldn't cope with breaking out in several places at the same time. It obviously takes a little longer to clear up the face that way I felt a little "safer". M
  13. Sure I know it takes time. But it's hard when it's so painful emotionally already. I don't even function properly. I know it's pathetic but I just break down all the time, thinking it's the worst thing in the world, which I know it isn't. Nobody around me really understand either. My boyfriend, my family, they don't understand at all. At this point they just find me annoying the way I cry about it. Which I sort of understand but really just makes me feel even worse not having any support.
  14. in my experience Differin is very efficient pushing comedones to the surface (in particular the white excess sebum that is still liquid), as long as the comedones didn't got too stuck in the pores. For some reason (maybe all the drying products I used to use) , I have a lot of hardened plugs in my pores. Maybe Differin can push those out too over time, but I didn't have the patience for that, i just squeezed them out. Differin makes your skin layers more loose/soft, so the plugs are more easy to
  15. Thanks a lot for the replies! I've gotten tons of non-inflamed comedones just like you salinas, and I'm hoping it will stay non-inflamed. Usually from experience I find squeezing doesn't really help for me so I will try just to leave it.