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  1. I have the same issue with most moisturizers. Some of the ones I've used that I've liked are Simple Hydrating Gel (Sebamed's Clear Face Care Gel is similar, but a bit more expensive) and DML Moisturizing Lotion. A Derm recently proposed that I may have rosacea, so I'm messing around with different moisturizers again, but those two are both good. The gel ones aren't very moisturizing though, so I wouldn't recommend them if you're using really drying products. Good luck!
  2. Hey guys, like the title says, my skin is a wreck right now. My forehead feels bumpy, there are countless little zits all over, and even my neck is breaking out. My face also feels warm and is a bit red. All I was using was the acne.org cleanser and then applying a thin layer of cetaphil moisturizing lotion, both of which I've never had problems with and used for years. I've tried so many different products, and I have no idea what to do. My skin is too sensitive anymore for most treatments, wh
  3. Hey guys, I'm getting really frustrated. I was using the regimen products for a few months and my skin never got used to it. My skin was always burning and itching and it never seemed to adjust. I've also tried SA and I thinking I'm allergic to it since it gives me this rash whenever I try it. I recently tried mixing one drop of 100% pure tea tree oil into my moisturizer, but even that gave me pimples. I'm not sure what to do. I'm a 26-year old male and right now my face is pretty bumpy with var
  4. I've been following the regimen minus a few things for over a month at this point, and just recently I have been getting severe dryness and redness. It looks like I got a bad sunburn or something and the area around my eyes stands out due to a severe difference of color. I have been using Dan's cleanser, then about a dime-sized amount of the treatment (I know, it's not the recommended amount, but it keeps me clear), and finally cetaphil. I wait at least 10 minutes to apply the treatment, and the