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  1. I used to breakout during my teens but I rarely do now (thanks to the regime) I am thinking of using only water to wash my face for the next 2 days as: 1. I forgot to bring my skincare product (yay for being clumsy) 2. I am rather reluctant to try new cleansers as my skin is sensitive and tend to breakout whenever I introduce new products. 3. Other than brow makeup and lipstick, I do not wear anything on my face (no foundation, no concealer, no powder etc.) Kindly
  2. Hi all, Has anyone used AHA once a week or less and had great results from it? Will taking a week's "break" from AHA cause an initial purge? Im using AHA almost 4 times a week and found that too irritating on top of BP as id wake up with a slightly red face. Thanks
  3. maybe it was the exams.. i havent had any breakouts for a week now, hopefully it stays *fingers crossed* thanks for posting
  4. I dont wear makeup at all nor do I touch my face. Perhaps I might have done that while I was asleep but how would that contribute to this amount of breakouts? I change my pillow case regularly too. I am just hoping this breakout will clear up soon, really tempted to pick them (especially those with pus!) ugh
  5. Hi everyone, I'm female, at her early 20s and have been on the regime for 1 year now. During that period I had the best skin (had acne since i was 15) I was finally clear! But couple of days ago, I started breaking out, really badly. I wake up with 2-4 new pimples everyday. Desperate, I went to consult my dermatologist and he placed me on 2 weeks of tetracycline (250mg, 3 capsules each day) and 1 week of prednisolone (5mg, 3 pils each day). Has anyone experienced the same before? Does B.P s
  6. Yes, I follow as instructed.. 10-12hrs apart. wash 2x daily.
  7. No. The acne was already formed before you even started using the BP. If you think about it, BP is an exfoliant. As soon as BP touches your skin, it breaks down into oxygen & benzoic acid. The oxygen kills the acne-bacteria; the benzoic acid dries your skin, which causes it to flake off. This renews the skin & therefore brings the already formed acne to the surface quicker. It's normal. why are u so sure the cleanser isnt making me breakout? my skin has been clear for 2 months and i hav
  8. so its the BP that is making us breakout?
  9. My skin has been clear, just dry from the BP.. I only started from cleanser n jojoba oil : (
  10. Hi, Appreciate your reply. I use jojoba oil (2-3 drops) and the BP
  11. Hi, I just bought the acneorg cleanser, would like to know if anyone experienced any breakouts from it? Has anyone tried using it to remove makeup? Advise please Thank you
  12. Hi all, Background (You may want to skip this and move to Main) I have been on the regime since May 2015, it has really cleared up the acne that I had. I have been getting inflamed acne with nasty in it all over my face (from Oct 2014- May 2015), except for my forehead. I don't know what caused them but I'm guessing it could be stress induced acne. I remember having 3-4 pimples at a time sometimes 7. During this period I did not wear any makeup, i used to wear light makeup 5 days a week an
  13. Hey guys, I'm considering going on low dose of accutane, 10mg every 2-3 days. Any suggestions?