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  1. Finally! A drugstore Mineral Foundation that does not break me out!!

    I have been using a scrub at night to scrub it (and the day) all off I have had no clogged pored using this foundation I can feel my skin still breathing after I put this on. And it looks more like skin and less like heavy makeup. Maybe the price, I got mine 40% off, and a spare for when I run out :) Will be buying another when this bottle runs out and it goes on sale for another back up!! My experience with this Mineral Foundation has been an absolute joy! I have been using this for over a fort
  2. Best day cream for ALL skin types.

    Best $30 you will ever spend. It is well worth the splurge. I know it is a lot of money, but you will not regret it! I assure you. My 'happily ever after' moisturiser. Not the slightest greasy/oily. Australian made. The price, but it is at that price because it is a certified organic product and it has so many anioxidants and minerals and vitamins in it to heal and nurture your skin, so of course it is not going to be cheap. The product claims: 91.8 % ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Pe
  3. Not bad, not bad at all

    I will say that, I used this along side the Salicylic Acid blackhead scrub, and my face was really dry and flakey so this offered me 0 moisturization, if anything dried it out more. BUT I think this product would be absolutely AMAZING if you were not using any drying chemicals/products and just wanted a moisturiser with Salicylic Acid in it to control shine and pimples from popping up. This did break me out in a few little pimples (but they healed and went away by the next day) but I really thin
  4. My Absolute Favourite Scrub Ever!!

    Just read my review, this product is brilliant! This is the only chemical wash I use on my face, otherwise I just use all organic products. I found that reducing all the chemicals to a minimum made a huge difference on my complexion! I use this morning and night and the Gel cleanser during the day (if i need to take off makeup) and using just these two products along side my People For Plants day time moisturiser (after the morning scrub) works absolute wonders. This is going to be my routine
  5. Good overnight spot treatment for inflamed/infected pimples

    The smell only slighly, but come on if your on this site you have obviously smelt and used much worse. Obviously the orange colour, but seriously screw anyone who is gonna judge you for using this! Best used at night to clear all the bacteria you've accumulated through out the day. After using it as a spot treatment and mask for 2-3 months, it worked great at the beginning but just blocked my pores from breathing properly over night. 50/50 treatment but not the best. Best used as a spot treatmen
  6. Lol I had to read it a few times to fully understand what you were saying haha Wow very interesting! Thanks, it makes sense to me and I will make sure to keep more hydrated when I am sick, I tend to slack off because when I get sick I forget I need water.. Good. But don't ignore the other advice re the food, especially anti-inflammatory foods, rest, etc. do those things regularly,and you might not get sick. What are some anti-inflammatory foods? I had no idea they even existed! I am very
  7. Wow very interesting! Thanks, it makes sense to me and I will make sure to keep more hydrated when I am sick, I tend to slack off because when I get sick I forget I need water.. I usually just take some over the counter cold and flu daytime and night time capsules for however long the severe sympotoms last, Im not sure if it's that which maybe breaks me out? But if I remember correctly I usually break out just as I am getting sick, so before I even start taking anything.
  8. I am 20 years old and every time I get sick I break out horribly! I know for a fact it is just not a "coincidence" like some people may assume. Is this normal? try to prevent being sick by taking four 500mg vitamin C chewable tablets every day (or when I remember) This is what I read when I googled it: When your immune system is low (when you're sick), you'll experience less energy and more acne since your body's defenses are down and are less likely to defend against bacteria on your face
  9. Thank you for taking your time to explain all this information to me! It is really helpful and I will definitely be trying to use less chemicals and more natural on my face! I did not use BP yesterday or last night and I woke up with already smoother skin, not dramatically but I think by a month my face will definitely be transformed back to the nice dewy glow I want. Although I want it to be zit-free unlike before :P I used to use diluted lavender oil all over my face but now I will just use p
  10. Oh my goodness thank you for all the information you have shared with me! Yes I never really stepped back and realised how many nasty chemicals I have been trying/using! I used to use lavender oil at a toner and I think I may actually go back to using it! I remember it did make my face look really nice (and also smelt really nice too). I have not tried using tee tree oil for a long time now as when I used to it used to burn so badly and leave my face inflamed but I shall try it again diluted dow
  11. So I feel like i've hit a brick wall. Lately the past week or so my skin has been going crazy with pimples.. and i'm not happy with the way my skin looks.. I have slight pigmentation on my left cheek.. I remember squeezing some pimples there and once they healed I got some slight brownish-like textured pigmentation on that area... I am pretty down in the dumps my skin looks really bad I was really happy in the first month of the regimen dispise all the flakiness... -sigh- I really don't like th
  12. Okay so I have came across this product by the Skin Doctors called Gamma Hydroxy and there is also a stronger version called Gamma Hydroxy Forte. I am not really sure about the percentage of AHA's and BHA's that are in the both of them. You are supposed to use the first one for 3 months before you use the Forte one to build up tolerance to the skin because the Forte is so strong compared. So I was wondering if I could use these creams over the top of BP? Or if I should just stop the BP and only
  13. I personally haven't had any problems with using castor oil It may be different on your skin though. I use it around my dark circles around my eyes at night time too and they are gone by morning and it lasts all day **Oh I forgot to write, I only use a tiny amount compared to the amount I use of the rest of the oils. Maybe 2-3 drops
  14. Well my skin is still very tight and dry once I cleanse my face morning and night. Although it goes away once I apply BP and moisturise.. But it does concern me a little.. I read up about moisturising before putting on BP.. So I think I might give it a try for a week to see how my skin goes.. I had a big pimple the other week which really upset me.. I popped it because it was so nasty lookin' (with clean hands) and then applied BP over it, but it just kept filling up with crap -_- but 2 day
  15. Did you use the new shopping cart option? The; USPS First-Class Package International Service (2-6 Weeks) $17.31 ????? Because I live in QLD and would love to know if it will most likely come in 2 weeks or will I have to wait 6 lol.. There is no way I'm waiting 6 weeks just saying... xD I have nill patience!