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  1. Thanks for replying and giving me advice, I feel a lot better just from reading your posts... I don't feel so crazy anyways! I think I'll tell my parents soon, not sure why but it's a lot harder than it sounds. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I realise that there seems to be a huge amount of info on this board on accutane and its side effects, including depression, but I'm still not sure if my problems lie with roaccutane. I'm in my 3rd month of a 4 months course of 60mg and my skin is looking great already, except for the excessive dry skin. I'm getting a lot of side effect (which I assume are side effects?) that seem to differ from everyone elses. I was warned about the depression and have to say, I have it really bad, I'm star
  3. this is the funniest post ever... and all this talk about masturbation is making me think about it. On a total off topic question - are any of you virgins? And do you find your acne has seriously effected your experience with the opposite sex? It's just I'm 21 on friday and I'm still a virgin and really really ashamed of it. I don't think it's because of my spots because they're not really bad on my face and I know I can't be that bad looking cos ive been in competitions and shit... so what
  4. Hey, I'm half way through my course and have a couple of questions for you all. Firstly, is it stated as a fact by the company who makes accutane that it can cause depression? I've always been a very happy person but a couple of weeks into taking accutane I became very down for no reason and very sensitive to anything. I kept telling myself it was the tablets but as anyone who has been through depression probably knows, this really doesn't help at all. I'm guessing because it's chemical? Anyways
  5. 2 x 20 pills a day!? So you take 40 a day? Is that a typo? Seem's like a huuuge amount of pills to take... what's the recommended dosage?
  6. cooool, i hope it works for me, mine should arrive any day now ... How many are you taking and when?
  7. http://www.neutrogena.com/ProductsDetails.asp?ID=153 Hi, it's probably been mentioned here before but I just found it today and was wondering if anyone has tried it? I noticed it had 3.5% BP... has anyone had any success with this at all? And if so, using it as a cleanser or a mask? Adam