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  1. I finished Dec 5, so not too long. I was supposed to finish Nov 11 but I missed so many pills due to laziness so don't follow my path and be a good boy! Haha.
  2. Vaseline is awesome for lips! Good luck with your journey, I didn't see results until I was 4 months into it but now that I'm done with my course, my skin feels and looks SO good
  3. I'm in my last (6th month) of Accutane. I plan to get on the DHC skincare line with bc and tazorac. Hope that helps!
  4. I miss you dollface and I'm glad college is treating you well :0)
  5. Why are we still breaking out when we are so far into the treatment?
  6. Omega Fatty Acids help side effects like dry skin, lips, headaches and liver damage plus it helps you absorb your pills better )
  7. Yeah with clear skin, MAC seems way too heavy on my skin now (plus with my new bronze tan the color doesn't match at all.. I ended up as a C4 because I'm olive not gold ) but after I'm completely clear I will give bare minerals a try! I miss you Gagannnnnnnnn and I've been skipping a lot of pills too! Haha
  8. You're so pretty!!!! G'luck with accutane
  9. Gagaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I have missed you so much. Thanks for the PM girl. I went back and got NC42 for studiofix and NC35 for concealer. I think I'm actually the same color as you (I've tanned since my pictures because I moved from NY to FL lol) but because I have huge purple marks all over my cheeks, NC40 (according to the MAC artists) looks too pale on me. Oh well, aslong as it does it's job I don't care about the color. I also bought MAC blush in Coppertone and but regret it because blush doesn'
  10. Pink Freeze, Pink Venus, Shroom - Eyeshadows Underage, Oyster Girl - Lipglass
  11. Foundation/Powder: Mac StudioFix Compact in NC43 Concealer: Mac StudioFix Concealer in NC43 for bad days/Lorac Concealer in C3 for good days Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black Eyeliner: Mac Eye Kohl in Ebony Eyelash Curler: Clinique Blush: NARS in "Orgasm" Bronzer: Clinique Blush in "Silk Bronze"
  12. Pink Venus! (I wear white shadow underneath) and it's GORGEOUS! MMMMMM
  13. I use Cetaphil in the morning and at night when I have to wash off makeup with a gentle yet thorough, oil-free cleanser I use: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It's light, doesn't clog pores, gentle for your skin and a cleanser and makeup remover in one. Or you can use seperate makeup remover pads from various companies. Some people swear by Pond's cold cream but I haven't tried that. It seems so pore clogging. Hope that helped!