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  1. Hello!!!

    How are things?

  2. heyy...oh i know right?!! Been a good few months since we spoke lol! I only ever come on here once in a very blue moon now! :D How you been anyhow? I'll pm during the week for a catch up yeah? xx

  3. Miss lousta, how long has it been man?! tut we suck lol. hope your ok my lovely


  4. lol no im not going to work naked, but for the first time in forever im not wearing any foundation, cover up, concealer or anything. I was thinking last night i actually get more paranoid people are looking at me because of my foundation rather than my red marks. Im gonna go in today and see if im less uncomfortable with nothing on my skin it'll feel good to stand there and be like, yep this is my natural skin state, stare or not, i dont really give a shit. weeee wish me luck lol
  5. Try some sudocrem/nappy rash cream, it'll sooth it right out. you just gotta keep it from drying out, gross as it sounds. moisturise, i bet its driving you mad
  6. ach the worst fucking thing in the world is seeing someone be completely downright filthy and have the clearest skin possible. there were these builders i was walking past the other day, covered in tar and mud and rubbing their hands all over their face. made me want to hit them lol
  7. just getting really annoyed at the moment, i finished tane in december and i havent had a spot since november. thank god. my red marks on my cheeks have cleared up lovely. just my forehead is still a fucking mess. theres red marks and lumps and bumps all over. its really getting me down now any tips? ive tried exfoliating and it doesnt work
  8. OH WOW i was just watching this on the tv this morning. the 'beauties' on it are thick as shit. i cant see why anyone would be jealous of them haha. they were interviewing them and one of the questions i remembered which made me crack up. Interviewer: What is MENSA? Beauty: Is it a cookie? i wish i could remember the other ones, it was hilarious
  9. This is really weird, but before tane any marks on my forehead would heal super quick. since coming off tane, the leftover marks on my cheeks have healed considerably fast but the ones on my forehead just wont seem to heal. its really weird as i always thought the forehead healed quicker any suggestions???
  10. stupid show. the funny thing is all their 'beauty' photos are them caked in makeup and airbrushed or whatever i wanna know what they look like first thing in the morning
  11. Tut i totally got so worked up over nothing. i went, put on a little mineral foundation to look decent enough, and had one of the best nights ever. i enjoyed it so much, they were all awesome and the night ended with one of them telling me im amazing and has apparently been thinking about me since. As you can probably guess, im beyond chuffed. and before you start thinking im one of them people who gets one pimple a year, ive just been on accutane and had moderate acne for 10 years. im far from
  12. tonights the night. i dont think ive ever been so nervous in my life lol ive even put on a bit of foundation, hope its not mega noticable. CRAP!
  13. ok, so is primer stuff you put on first to ready your skin for the makeup? lol im such a novice haha One thing i have is, i moisturise, wait 15 mins and then put the mineral foundation on. The problem is it still looks powdery. i mixed some into my moisturiser this morning to make a tined moisturiser and that covered better. BUT it didnt cover great. maybe i should make the tinted moisturiser more tinted? this is so hard
  14. okay.....that's better then.......so, to answer your question, yes, if u mix the two it would make a difference - it will look more natural and less made-up...
  15. haha sorry i'll try to make it clearer at the moment im moisturising, then applying the mineral foundation about 10-15 mins later. it doesnt look too great so i was wondering if mixing the two into a tinted moisturiser would make a difference