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  1. I was wondering what experiences people have had with medications they take that are not for their acne. Side effects and interactions with various regimens they've tried. (Prescription, topicals, diet related - anything.) I'm currently on 250 mgs of Lamictal (mood stabilizer) and 100 mgs of Trazadone. (Sedative). I also take ten milligrams of meletonin at night to help me sleep. (Under psych's permission.) My side effects have included acne, weight gain, hair loss, and lowered energy levels.
  2. Elsewhere

    Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

    You go on about your way. I will do my best to ignore your presence. We'll both do better that way.
  3. Elsewhere

    Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

    Thank you, Deja. And I appreciate you sharing about your story, too - that's what makes this whole place turn. Us sharing our stories together. For the most part, I'm actually pretty cheerful, too. It's good for us to be able to reach a point where we can be irreverent and silly and live life beyond the trauma. That's healing. That's recovery. Invaluable and nesscary in learning how to live past the abuse. This issue just happens to be one of my touchy ones - gets me fast. But I am really, REALL
  4. Elsewhere

    Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

    All of the things you were previously talking about - the scientific studies, etc etc - those have a name. Quantum physics. Quantum entanglement. And further, quantum metaphysics (or how those theories affect the mind.) You would do well to research your own theories and at least be able to pinpoint their names. You sound like an idiot not knowing the umbrella terms of your own theories. I'm going to be blunt. The outer influences of my depression and mental illness were caused by years of physi
  5. Elsewhere

    Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

    No. What you're talking about is metaphysics, which is quite different from QUANTUM physics. Metaphysics is the attempt to stick a philosophical framework onto a physical one. That's New Age philosophy - which works as long as you leave room for the physical nature of having a body and having a fully lived human experience. We haven't even figured out anything beyond quantum entanglement outside of the fact that it exists. Trying to say "THIS EXPLAINS EVERY HUMAN MALADY" would get you bitchslapp
  6. Oooh, that "It's only 6:30 PM and if I go to sleep now I'll wake up at 3 AM but omg I'm so tired right now" feeling....

    1. Elsewhere

      Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

      Bullshit. Bullshit and dangerous. My depression/mental health disorders are caused by chemical imbalances that are caused by faulty wiring. Born with some of it and other glands/chemical/hypocampus etc stuff was influenced by outside trauma. Saying that it's all in your head and can be "cured" with meditation is highly offensive, cruel, and beyond that, idiotically simplistic. You should be careful. We have lots of members here who tread the lines of mental health (myself included) and do not ta
    2. Elsewhere

      A Simple Trick.

      I meant to get to this last night but then got sucked into a few threads at My Fitness Pal :/ I like this idea. Calm, centered self-reassurance. While it's no substitute for feeling better (I actually have several objections to the cult of 'positive thinking'), it IS a great way to momentarily brake the slide into self-hate and anxiety. And I could ALWAYS use more of that! Thank you for sharing this.
    3. As Flaxen says, some of us are more prone to this kind of worry than not. And that's okay. We are all here to support each other in this rat race called Acne. You are in the right place. You are among friends. You are going to be okay.
    4. Elsewhere

      Burning Red Patches

      It's possible it may be a new allergy. Check the obvious - new chin irritations? (Like a new lotion that you put on your hands and then rest your hands on your chin?) I'm not sure what else it could be, but someone else will be able to hop in here and give you good advice!
    5. Keep us posted. Our logs here are invaluable to so many people who come to this site!
    6. That can be pretty normal. Just means that it was ready to go. Treat it gently and keep it clean and it'll be fine. I, too, get so frustrated with the day in, day out, year after year grind of skin care. It can feel so hopeless. I'm really glad you're here - please keep talking, we are listening.
    7. Elsewhere

      Diaper Rash Cream...?

      Keep us posted on how this experiment goes!
    8. I really like the mirror thing. That's neat.
    9. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue. I know very little about the diet/internal aspect of acne treatment. Judging from your other post, you might have better luck posing these questions in our diet/holistic forum, since the main ingredients seem to be herb-related? I hope someone can answer your question soon!
    10. I'm really glad you're keeping us posted! We have so many members who come by needing to see what Accutane is like for other people currently on it. Please keep posting!
    11. I've begun eating better and drinking more water the last couple of weeks. Cut out soda entirely and cut waaaaay back sugar, cut down on carbs, drinking five or so glasses of water a day. I've also been exercising more. All of this is great and I fully intend to keep doing so, but I've noticed my skin texture is actually rougher and dryer than it was a few weeks ago. I don't have the cash right now, but for when I do, what supplements should I consider for softening my skin???
    12. Elsewhere

      Eating Better, Rougher Skin?

      Thank you guys so much for your suggestions! These are really great. I have the oatmeal at home, so I can do that today. And the vitamins and Whey Protein can be acquired next payday. I really need something to help change up this skin problem, so thank you guys so much!!!!
    13. Elsewhere

      Can Acne And Depression Be Related?

      Yes. We are also less likely to care proper care of our skin when we are depressed, less likely to be out in sunlight (which can help our skin in small doses), and less likely to eat well. Also any number of psychiatric meds have acne listed as a side-effect.
    14. This is extremely relevant. It's harder to stay confident when you're breaking out, but I try to remember this. Thank you for posting this - it's a good reminder and I needed to hear that today.
    15. Elsewhere


      You are not a narcissist. My boyfriend has occasionally thought I was absofuckinglutely nuts to pour so much attention into my skin - but the truth of the matter is I have to live inside this body, not him. It's up to me to decide what I feel good in - and keeping my skin as clear as possible (and finding the nesscary support in doing so) is paramount. Priorities. And there's nothing wrong with skincare being one of them.
    16. Kinda bummed. Getting healthier has made my skin *worse*. But trying to keep hope - people had good suggestions in other forums. It's all relatively mild at the moment, but the texture of my skin is getting rough.
    17. Only in High School, when my acne was more moderate. And once at 18, when a stranger in an airport bathroom rushed up to me to tell me all I had to do was start eating leafy greens, which more baffled me than hurt me. It must also be said, however, that I have never had severe acne. I've had friends who did and their experiences, as well as I what I saw, says that yes, they were treated much differently. It was heartbreaking.
    18. *Is not a fan of Jonas, who briefly replaced Michael Shanks's character in SG1*