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    I hate to tell you, sweetie - but if you're dating me, you're dating white trash.

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"An awkward attitude displayed by an inattentive, accident-prone individual." I hate living by quotes, but I'd be a liar if I said that didn't describe me.

Physically - don't leave expensive items on the floor. I WILL accidently plant my four inch platformed boot on it and it will break. Intellectually - I realize I misspelled "accidently", but it's not showing up on spellcheck and I don't want to look it up on Google. Emotionally - I have a habit of sticking my foot in my mouth. A lot.

I'm considering in investing in flavored shoe laces. Does anyone know of a seller?

That said, I'm 31 years old and not interested in getting any younger. I made it through my early 20's and while the perky breasts were nice, it's good to be on this side of the restless insanity. Mostly, at least.

About me: I'm a nerd. Quiz me on the show Babylon 5 and I'll kick your ass in acing every question. Magic the Gathering? I'm not very good at it but I've got a hell of a squirrel deck. RISK: Godstorm - I love sinking Atlantis. I've got a warforged in DnD that loves kittens, the entire Angel AND Buffy series on my shelf, and cried when Tas from Dragonlance died.

(If this is all Greek to you, that's okay. If it's not, you are awesome and I wish you The Awesomest Things of Awesomeness.)

I'm a writer. The written word is sacred to me. As are issues of the mentally ill, the poor and downtrodden, and the general idiocy of the human condition. I like puns, cats, goth, snarky humor, and compassion towards those who are suffering. I believe in what Dan is doing and am proud to be a part of his cause. I have a low-brow sense of humor and a high-brow set of eyeliners.

In short, I'm irreverent and utterly not serious. Except when I am. Then it's all SERIOUZ BUZINESS and that's that until it isn't.

Religious views: Tax-exempt. Actually, exempt in general.

Political views: Don't kick 'em when they're down. Unless they're Neo-conservatives. Then kick them UNTIL they're down, and help them back up to show them other people also need help.

Other things: I drink milk from the jug. I drive a truck. I've been smoking cigarettes for 15 years and am not interested in quitting. Not even a little bit. I do NOT smoke anything else or drink. Drug-free zone for this bitch. I love sweet kids cereal and hate lima beans. I can't cook and thus adore anyone who cooks me food.

I can make spaghetti, though. That's always a useful thing to know.