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  1. I read somewhere that antibiotics (esp minocycline) causes yellowing of teeth? Does anyone know about this.. I noticed that my teeth have yellowed since 2yrs ago, when i had my braces taken off and was coincidentally on minocycline - cos b4 my teeth were nice & white.. I mean my oral hygiene's pretty good (regular brushing/mouthrinse/flossing etc) so dunno y my teeth hav yellowed? I think it was either the antibiotics or my reduced intake of milk (potential acne trigger) in recent years and
  2. yeah i think i have cellex-c serum and another cellex-c stored at the back of my bathroom somewhere... think i bought it 2 yrs ago, used it for while & didnt c noticeable improvement so stopped.. might try it again after wat u said now )
  3. I used it as a toner for the first time last month and broke out pretty bad (I must have sensitve as well as acne-prone skin ) - I did it 3/4 vinegar 1/4 water and used as toner then moisturiser.. since my breakout i havent used it since afraid might cause the same reaction again... I read some confusing posts.. some saying it works best of left on as toner & others saying best methods to splash on face for 15 mins..? as well as the concentration..(neat or diluted)...? Im tempted 2give it a
  4. are you supposed to break out intially after using ACV? I've started to use it for around a week and some spots have broken out and enlarged/reddened? is this supposed to happen
  5. What's the best makeup/comcealer for fairly extensive marks/scars (asian skin). I have marks/scars (with occasional zits) on my left+right side of face especially around jawline and am currently using clearasil instant cover up as well as menaji concealer stick (takes a while to apply), just wanna know if there are any that are better i.e. application wise and undectection wise. I'm not sure whether foundation's good for me (since never tried it and think it might be more detectable), what's you
  6. In my kitchen I got 'Distilled Malt Vinegar' and it looks totally clear like water, is this okay to use? I tried it diluted today and didn't get much irritation, but will dafinitly get ACV tommorro.
  7. I guess it's called a concealer if its purpose is to coneal the blemish, be it a mark, zit or wrinkle etc. but it doesn't really fade it away. The ingredients are skin friendly though (non-com..something) I guess its better than nuthin... my strategy is gradually decrease using it over time, so its not as noticeable when i don't put anything on (apart from bp) =P~
  8. Tai, I've been using the menaji conceaer for men for some time & its got different shades according 2 skin color. www.mankindonline.co.uk True, if u put extra effort on conealing, ie no obvious differences in skin tone, then it should be almost undetectable $
  9. I was just wondering if any women/girls (in fact anyone here) mind guys having on concealers? What would your reaction be if you saw a guy/friend with concealer on? Would you prefer a guy (with moderate/severe acne to leave his face as it is or have concealer on with slightly higher confidence? Reason I asked bcos I as a male, have been using concealers for some time for my blemishes /red marks and have wondered what the perception is especially since last couple a years I seen beauty catalog
  10. Does anybody know a decent website that delivers glycolic acid peel for home use (30%) to the UK and copper peptides to the UK? Thanks, much appreciated?
  11. Ok so skin culture peel is not advisable then. Since I'm a beginner where can I get 30% glyolic acid peels from (in UK) and if I follow the instructions it will be ok won't it?
  12. I recently came across this website in trying to find a home kit for chemical peels (I'm still skeptical of them) in order to sort out my face from marks/scars from acne, the site's testimonials sound convincing, what do you think? ]http://www.skinculture.com/testimonials2.html
  13. where can I get copper peptide in the UK? Also, are they like an active ingredient within a cream or gel or are they just copper peptides in itself? One other question: I want to use them to reduce/ reduce the appearance of my marks/ scars, so do they complient another product like chemical peels or something? Thanx in advance