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  1. So here is my before and after pics of my 6 months on accutane. It was a tough road and I still have a while before my red marks fade, but I am 100% satisfied with my results. My only qualm is that my marks look indented in certain lighting while I'm not sure if they truly are. But time heals all wounds. *After pics on LEFT, Before pics on RIGHT*
  2. WEEK 5: DAY 5 Pimple on nose broke open when I was asleep, so I took a shower, used some cetaphil cleanser, and covered it with triple antbiotic gel from CVS. I've had a spot on the right crease of my lip for a few days now, and I think it's coming to a head, sort of painful to open mouth fully. Looked in the mirror this morning and I'm looking pretty good, red marks have slowly gotten less red and I hope they are fully gone by the time I finish. That's all for now.
  3. WEEK ?: DAY ? All right guys, I have no idea what the hell happened with my counting skills but I completely messed up the day count. I'm doing it based on the days I took accutane now Week 5: Day 4 Dryness is really kicking in, and lips are getting chapped, but overall I'm still not really breaking out that badly. I got one on my right cheek and a painful one on the middle of my nose. Speaking of which, my nose is extremely dry, and I'm noticing blood in mucus from several cracks. I
  4. WEEK 5: DAY 5 Today I went to the derm and he bumped me up to 60mg a day, which perfectly balances the 1mg per kg of body weight. Now I just need to hold out for the next five months. Lips are dryer but still no cracking. Got a pimple on my shoulder for the first time ever, which happens with accutane. My right cheek broke out and my chin broke out, coincidentally after shaving for the first time in a month or two. They are turning black now, but I still don't pick, don't really see a need to.
  5. WEEK 4: COMPLETED MONTH 1 COMPLETED Well I just finished my thirty day supply of Claravis, and I'm having blood work done in 3 days. Next derm appointment in 4 days. At this point I am past the 20mg breakout, and I just got 2 active pimples after being clear for about a week. One's a little whitehead on my right cheek and the other is on my above the center of my chin. Although my face is very smooth now, the red marks are apparent but fading slowly. I'm guessing I'll be bumped up to 40mg per
  6. WEEK 3: DAY 15 Well that whole shpeel about only getting whiteheads can go jump out the window. Yesterday I noticed an extra red mark on my right upper cheek, which is riddled with them, and it did feel slightly raised. Today it got a bit larger and it's very slightly irritating to the touch. Being only 2 weeks in, I can only chalk this up to the IB and keep moving forward. Another thing this morning was applying moisturizer. I use cetaphil, and today it made my face look and feel greasy. I pro
  7. WEEK 2: COMPLETED No new whiteheads for the past few days, my lips are still intact, and my skin can be moisturizer by a squirt of cetaphil. All is well. My left cheek is starting to smooth out from the IB, and my right already has been smooth. I know this ain't the end of the IB, but it sure is cool to not have multiple whiteheads to walk around with. 20mg a day for two more weeks, then bumping up. That's all for now.
  8. WEEK 2: DAY 12 Break out the lotion! Well that was quick. Not even two weeks in and I'm whipping out the cetaphil moisturizer. I was hesitant at first because the last time I used cetaphil was for DKR, and I needed A LOT of it. It was thick and I needed it 4x a day at least. Luckily I only needed less than half a pump now so it was much better than I figured. I even think my face looks better now. The pimple scabs have fallen off on their own, and they weren't too fun to walk around with. I'm
  9. WEEK 2: DAY 11 Wow, that IB phase sure is fun. I mean, I expected an IB a few weeks into the regimen, but this started in a matter if days. It is pretty awesome, though, how all of the shit is coming out now and cells that take a week to turnover are taking days now. Luckily I don't get cystic acne so I'm only breaking out in whiteheads. Lips are finally starting to get dry, and in the morning I'm waking up with a few white specs on tiny random spots of my face. I have no idea if it's flakiness
  10. Same here, used to have a clear left side before, now it's worse than my right side. Have you tried out aquaphor yet? That's the only lip balm that doesn't break me out, and it can be used for any other area with intense dryness as well.
  11. Hey all, this is my first post on the accutane log. I've always been a member on acne.org and have tried the regimen for my moderate acne, but my allergy to Bp made it worse in the long run. I quit the regimen and immediately called a derm office to find out I needed to wait 1 whole month before I could even see a dermatologist. I survived the month with oxy pads, but I still got the occasional zit and sometimes those red bumps that weren't as big as cysts or nodules but still hurt and never cam
  12. Hey all Just an update as to how I'm doing off of the regimen. My face is 95% back to normal. I still use the cleanser and moisturizer, and mix in aha at night, and breakouts have been minimal. The doc also prescribed me tretinoin gel .01% to tide me over till my derm visit in mid-December. Red marks are fading a lot faster, but I got quite a few whiteheads this week, but most are gone by now and healing. Some new red pimples came in too, but they're going away now too.
  13. I just decided to stop altogether, I need my skin back to normal before I start accutane. Now I just cleanse and moisturizer, but I also spot treat with prescription tretinoin .01% gel that my doctor just prescribed.
  14. Hey all, I've been doing the regimen for about three months now and have seen some great results in terms of whiteheads. However, I still get inflamed red pimples that have left more marks on my face than before I started. In addition, my face has been swolen, dry and flakey, but I have noticed a lot of people keep telling me my face is swollen as hell. I'm thinking I'm allergic to the Bp, even though I've become used to the full dosage. I've been on every antibiotic pill and every topical kno
  15. This is an 8 week span of my regimen experience. I'll be honest with you, I'm three months in and I see very little progress, except on my left cheek. In fact the chin and right side looks even worse than before. If it doesn't get better by month 4 then I'm sorry but it'd be ridiculous to continue The closer up ones are the after pics and the ones of me in a white shirt are before