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  1. Dermabrasion and Laser are very different methods. One is abrading away the skin and the other actually burns the skin off. Obviously, one would expect the healing/scarring would not be identical. As far as why it does this, I dont know...but it makes sense that the two would not have identical type side effects. CO2 sucks, old school dermabrasion is actually better in the right hands (I think). This laser fad stuff sucks...ooooh "laser" this, "laser" that, it doesnt mean anything because i
  2. Has anyone thought that you could be doing damage to your skin with this method. I have read through most of the posts and it appears that some are doing vascular damage to their skin. I have seen no mention of this, but yes it is possible to cause permanant damage in some poeple. If you are getting irritation, you should modify or discontinue unless you are certain you are not causing any damage. Good luck, seems to be working for some people...but lets not forget this can also be very bad
  3. Yeah, the jury is still out on the efficacy of IPL for rosacea. I have done about 12 with poor results. Some people do have very good results though, but its not as effective as the docs/mnfr lead to you believe. What else is new.
  4. No, I am referring to the chemicals in the sunscreen. They can be damaging. Physical blocks have a zinc oxide or tintanium dioxide ingredient. Im 28 and as far as suing goes...it wont accomplish anything at this point. I have plenty of money so its not worth it to me. My time is better suited trying to find solutions to my problems and letting what is done be done. As far as rosacea not being a side effect, I dont know about this. I have heard of many people who developed it after C
  5. Yeah, WAY too early to see the results. Give it a few months to truly assess. As far as needling goes, after reading most of the needling thread I see little evidence to support that it will improve orange peel. It may, but at this point it is nothing more than a crapshoot. Same with isolagen...sounds interesting, but this is not a proven technique for orange peel by any means.
  6. Ok, here is the problem...you probably dont know what is really "sensitive" and what is not. Just because a product claims to be doesnt mean anything. You really need to learn what is and what isnt. Your sunscreen could be very bad if you dont know any better. Physical over chemical sunscreens are highly recommended.
  7. Looking for real solutions...at this point there just isnt enough known about it. I dont think it should be part of the core solution at this point.
  8. How does isolagen help with rosacea or pores/orange peel? Is smooth beam just another IPL type treatment? I have found those to be largely useless and may help for only very minor imperfections.
  9. I think all of us who are post CO2 should share our knowledge about what to do now. For me, I now have 1.rosacea and blotchiness 2.large pores/orange peel I think the thing to know first off is that your skin will never be the way it was before and your lifestyle may need to be altered. If you develop rosacea certain things like the sun and even exercise can be problems. As far as the orange peel goes, I dont know...maybe that is for life. I saw a few posts about needling that my h
  10. Good question. I dont know if they are safer...maybe, maybe not. They are still burning the skin so what exactly is "safer"? As far as if you develop rosacea or not....well thats just your particular case that includes MANY variables. You are and will be more susecptible to now regardless (my belief). And dont count your blessings just yet...for years I didnt really have a problem. The best medicine is preventative so keep that in mind. If I would have known these things before I develope
  11. I think immediately afterwards I had the beginning signs. It took about 5 years to start getting bad, and about 7 to get really bad. At this point its pretty much under control though. Its not worth going into treatments in just a thread as it will not do it justice. Do some research or just order Dr. Nase's book. This is something that requires knowledge to treat, not just a few paragraphs. Best of luck.
  12. Rosacea has many symptoms, but mainly its a vascular disorder meaing redness, visible spider veins, blushing, etc. The problem is that is it chronic meaning it will only get worse if you continue to blush and flush. You seem to be ok, but a foundation can aggrevate it and potentially the type of moisturizer you use. In the years to come, it could get worse and you could develop papules and pustules. Then it could burn and sting and sensitively will go up creating a snowball effect. You get
  13. If one develops rosacea (currently uncurable) from CO2, you will find out just how sever the side effects are. It is not only a physical problem, but will change your lifestyle, etc...trust me its just as bad as the scarring if not worse. It may take several years to fully manifest itself as it did for me. Problem with that is most people cannot expect the level of problems associated with rosacea and most docs will play is down severely. If you get rosacea, there is no amount of success
  14. daltgilb, I am not a doctor...but those symptoms are rosacea right on the money. Soon you get what they call papules and pustules if you do not treat it. See another doctor, although most are very poor when treating rosacea. www.drnase.com is a great source however...this guys work has help me more than anything I can think of. Needling...well its not that I think it will do serious damage or anything. However, I wonder if it will be a step in the right direction. Maybe it would, maybe n
  15. Best of luck, if you know all the possible risks and have thought it through and got a good doc...it may work out. I hope it works out for you and you can also improve the texture. As far as needling goes, I am skeptical, but hopefully it could work. I suspect you do a small area and watch it for a while. If that works out you could cover more area.