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  1. beholi

    Problems With Dan's Moisturiser

    citphil has come out with an oil free foam cleanser and oil free moisterizer with (15) sun block. I love it.
  2. beholi

    Could Someone Help Me With My Acne?

    Halee1986 You probably need to see a dermatologist. It sounds like you may need oral meds. It could be as simple as birth control, or spiro. which a med that lowers testosterone. When you have too much you will break out really badyly. or the could cut through the chase and do the accutane. This stuff cleared my newphews (both) up and it never came back. Hope this helps.
  3. beholi

    Asthma And Spironolactone

    in lowers your testosterone level, which is how it works on hormonal acne. maybe I am crazy, but I was hoping that someone else had simular complecations. Does anyone think that using the brand name instead of spiro would make any difference.?????
  4. beholi

    Asthma And Spironolactone

    has anyone had breathing problems while on spironolacton. Asthma????
  5. beholi

    Spiro And Asthma

    Thank u for the advice biggs881. I had a complete hystorectomy at 31 and took hormone replacement therapy up until about 8 months ago. i am goin through the change right now. has anyone else heard of asthma when taking spiro???????
  6. beholi

    Spiro And Asthma

    i am 52 and started taking spironolactone 25mg 2x per day. i have not had a asthma attack in years and I mean years. i started having asthma/allergy problems about a month into taking this med. i have been on 2 rounds of steroids, steroid inhailer, singular, nebulizer and the symptons just don't go away. I never thought about the meds causing this. Has anyone else had a similar reaction?