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  1. Some people on the forums noted they had a problem with whey protein while others didn't. It seemed those that didn't may also have not had a problem with milk or dairy in general - in terms of acne. What I'm trying to figure out is whether those who break out from milk also break out from the whey isolate. I would rather find this out based on peoples' prior experience than to kick in the acne on high intensity again.
  2. I'm looking to start getting into working out. I'm already lean but just want to build more muscle mass, so I thought about getting a supplement while working out. Whey seems to be the golden standard. 2 issues: I'm lactose intolerant and acne. I don't get much acne (some here and there) which is much MUCH less than I used to get. Even though I'm lactose intolerant, I would still be able to consume things with cheese or some butter or ice cream. I think cutting dairy out completely (than