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  1. Hey Guys I've had acne for about 4 years now. Never been really bad but I've gotten everything from blackheads to cysts throughout my battle. However, I don't have one single scar on my face despite attempting to pop almost every zit I've come across since day one. I have a theory that leaving cysts and nodules to develop for too long breaks down the skin and can lead to scars. My reasons for thinking this stem from the fact that a number people I know who have had moderate to severe acne, and
  2. Wow what an amazing improvement... kept such a good attitude throughout it all as well! You look great. A nice bit of summer sunshine will get rid of those fading red marks, and after a few treatments those shallow scars should disappear. Good luck!
  3. Being able to pop a cyst so it doesn't scar is pretty hard. But trust me on this, it's much better to get the bacteria and oil out, as opposed to it festuring under your skin for a month.
  4. If anything I think it would be good. Chlorine is an anti-bacterial
  5. the only way i can get rid of them in no time is to pop them, it hurts like hell but then its gone in a week instead of a month Yeah I don't know why everybody is so scared of popping. If you do it right it's better to get the infection out that let it festure under your skin with a big glob of oil. You won't scar if you do it right.
  6. If I were you I would pop it. I've always been better off popping my cysts that just leaving them. If you leave them they just scar and hurt like hell for weeks. What you do is clean a really thin, sharp pin with alcohol and stab the cyst in the center aka core. Give it a monster squeeze with your fingernails around the circumference, making sure to be as wide around the cyst as possible. If you're too near the top, you might just push it farther into your skin. Remember, if you're going to pop
  7. I'm starting to wonder if the last stage of acne is on the neck... I've noticed a few of my friends who had acne on the face who have started to get it only on the neck, before it goes away completely. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I myself have started to get acne on my neck (controlled), and am hopeful it's a sign that I'm almost through it
  8. This is probaly a nuts idea but think about this: alcohol is a natural anti-bacterial, yes? If it gets into your bloodstream, would it not kill some of the bacteria deep down in your skin which cause pimples?
  9. I used Hibiclens for about 3 years without any eyes problems whatsoever. I know you've seen different things on the net that say it has caused serious eye damage for some people, but there is only a very tiny chance this could happen. A situation where it might happen would be when it is used as a pre-operative disinfectant. A surgeon may be preparing someone's face for surgery with hibiclens, and get some in the patient's eye. The problem is, the patient wouldn't realize it was in there because
  10. Pus is good to get out, but to really get to the root of a pimple you have to remove the oil.
  11. Sorry if this is a stupid question... My girlfriend just started on birth control for her acne. Supposedly it supresses hormones right? Well would this subsequently make her less interested in sex?
  12. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Nickelback