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  1. I've been on accutane since the beginning of april and i'm not see any good results, my face is getting worse but thats about it. Will it take long to kick in since this is my 2nd time around? I'm on 80 mgs right now. But am I just being to impatience? It really sucks, cause i was really happy that i was going back on it and now i'm kind of disappointed because my face has been getting worse. I go back to the derm the 4th so i'm gonna ask him about it and what not. But for anyone who has been on
  2. This is what I experienced. You, yourself keep thinking its getting worse. Because you keep getting stares from people you know. But then when you're like "what are you looking at?" you think they are looking at you cause your face is getting worse. They are acutally looking at you, cause they are trying to notice a diffrence. You think your face is getting worse, but really its getting better. You may not notice, but it is. Thats how it was for me at least.
  3. I killed just about everything I drank. I had no clue that I wasn't supposed to drink while on tane eaither. But I drank hard and heavy almost 2 or 3 days out of the week during the summer when I was on it. I never had any problems. Except some of my test levels spiked up real fast and I was taken off tane for 1 month. But I don't if that was due to my high intake of protein or drinking? But i didn't notice anything
  4. I pay 4 bucks a month for it, insurance covers 400
  5. I didn't ask for it, the derm walked in and was like "get his blood, hes goin on tane". I gues I got lucky tho.
  6. ok, thanks guys. I just put it on at night before I go to bed. Am I supposed to wash it off or not. I was told not to, but then I looked at the directions and it doesn't say if I should wash it off or not. But its working pretty good so far. I have long hair, so that makes my acne worse, but it also covers it up where i have acne. I only have ance where my hair touches my face. But I'm goin go be back on tane by the end of next week. Thank god. I love that stuff.
  7. I went to the doctor the other day and I asked him to prescribe me something till I could get back to the derm. He gave me duac. Since I've been on tane before, my face is alot easier to keep clean and things like that. But has anyone used this and what did they think of it. Thanks
  8. yea, its true, very true, I got into a fight and barley scraped my knuckles and now I have like 3 or 4 scars from where the scrapes where. I didn't think it was true until then. but, yes, i found it true.
  9. yea, i think i'm gonna go back this week, or try to. I derm was real nice and I don't think i will have a probelm getting back on it because she wasn't real secure because my blood test results keep coming back saying one of my levels was high and if it got any higher then my body would start to destroy my muscle, and she was even saying something about taking me off of it. So she made me take a lower dosage and that didn't help at all. So my level thing should be low enough to put me back on 30
  10. Why is this happening? I mean my derm said the average person can go 1-3 years without ever having anything come back, excpet little break outs everynow and then. I mean its just little break outs, but i've only been off tane since school started. So not very long, about 18-19 weeks. I was only on tane for 4 months when I should have been on it for 6 months. Could this be the problem? I'm goin back to the derm real soon, because I like having clear skin, I mean who doesn't? Its just scary, cuz l
  11. first time I ever went to the derm (yesterday) she gave me accutane right away.
  12. How many people have had accutane thin out their hair and loose their hair? Did it ever grow back to where it was or like it was before? I can deal with the rest of the side effects or what ever ones I get. But if this does happen to me how long would it take my hair to get back to normal. I love my thick, wavy, hair and so does my gf.
  13. This is probaly my 2ed or third time posting here but I come on here and read everyday. So I went to the derm today (finally got an appointment, mom works there now) and they called my name etc. Then I got asked some questions and all that other stuff. Talked about proactiv for a couple minutes. Then she said "I'm going to put you on accutane". I was like WOW! I mean most of you guys don't get this treatment until like after trying other things and its a last resort (i think thats right). She (t
  14. I'm about to go to the doctor soon and just wondering about medicne. I have used tetrocyclin or whatever and it worked ok. But are there any other medicines beside acoutane that help out a bit or worked for you? Just name a few please.
  15. Just like to say hi. I'm not currently taking any medication just using over the counter stuff. I've had this crap since 3rd or 4th grade and still have it in 8th. I'm going to go to the doctor soon to get accutane. My mom doesn't want me to try it but one of her work buddys is on my side and telling her to let me use it because she had great results.