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    Smooth Skin Poreless Acne-Free Dry Lips Muscle Aches Dry Face Accutane has been the most amazing acne product ever invented on the market today. I'm on month 4 and my skin hasn't looked poreless or acne-free since I was in 6th grade! Its amazing! I really recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Don't listen to all those discouraging stories. Just take it with a grain of salt. You will not regret it.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm currently taking Claravis. (Accutane) 15, Male, 122lbs. I'm on day 48, 40 mg once a day, and I was just wondering if my side affects are bad or if I should be worried? I've had a head cold and I do have some sinus issues so I think they might go hand in hand with these side affects. My dermatologist told me that my liver, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels were perfect and looked as though my body wasn't even phasing the drug. But I'm experiencing side affects like b
  3. Lando777


    Has anyone experienced any bearable lower back pain within the first month?
  4. Lando777


    Does anyone know if nosebleeds are normal? I experienced my first one today at school and I was just making sure It was a common side affect..
  5. Lando777


    Oh ok. Thanks. How many mg are you taking?
  6. Lando777


    Hey everyone. I'm a male and 15 and currently taking Claravis. (Accutane) I just have a few questions as to about the drug and my experience so far. I am currently on Week 3, I just started.. Within the first day of taking the pill I experienced dry lips. After about a week I experienced another side affect of having a dry face. But I have had I don't know if its the initial breakout or what, but I've had a breakout bad! I had about 20 pimples on my face and It's going away now but it was