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  1. Thanks for your reply! I'm seeing my derm this thursday! Oh something I should add,a few months ago I switched to another brand called Mylan, could this have anything to do with the problem? Maybe this one doesn't work for me or something and now that the previous brand is out of my system the acne has returned. Or maybe something just went wrong with my last box of pills... sigh, so many possibilities! Oh well..,
  2. Hey everyone, I'm currently on my sixth month of Accutane, and I recently broke out badly. However that is not what makes me worried accutane has stopped working - accutane has given me very, very dry and tight skin, but as of three days ago this side-effect is much less bad as it used to be, which I find very strange. Especially after washing my face before I applied my hydrating cream it used to be very very tight, and if I didn't apply more for like 5 hours it'd become very flaky. B
  3. So I just made some chicken, and my head was above the frying pan, and since smoke came off of the chicken, could this clog my pores? Should I wash my face right now?
  4. Hey everyone, maybe I didn't explain well enough - the scars themselves aren't that big, they're almost unnoticable! It's hard for me to explain because English is not my native language... my problem is that somehow the scarring affects the fat under my skin. In the first picture, right under my right (left on the photo ;p) cheeckbone for example, though I also have it on the other side. More pics to make it clearer:
  5. Nope, they're not. They're not like anything I've ever seen D;
  6. So I used to suffer from serious cystic acne, however after Accutane this never returned. (Though whiteheads did). Today I suddenly had all these big bumps on my face, and I'm terrified my cystic acne is returning! Do you guys know if this is cystic acne?
  7. Hey everyone, I only have a few unnoticable kind of big acne scars and a LOT of smaller ones, since I'm very scar prone (almost every big whitehead leaves one) but they can't really be seen on the picture below. The smaller ones don't really bother me, and they're not really noticable in real life either, it's the big ones I don't like. And the reason is this: they totally alter the structure of my face! the scars themselves aren't that big, my problem is that somehow the scarring affects th
  8. Hey everyone, my story is a kind of weird one but I've finally coughed up the courage to post it here because things are bad and it's affecting my daily life .I have mild acne and some acne scarring, (I used to have very severe acne but then the dermatologist put me on Accutane, which totally got rid of it for 2 years, after that it came back but not nearly as severe as before, so the derm wouldn't put me on another course of Accutane) I tried everything there to get rid of my acne but nothing
  9. Hey everyone, after lurking for a while I've decided to create an account and tell my story. It's kind of complicated and long but I'll try to keep it short! So two/three years back I suffered from severe acne. I'm talking big cysts and many many inflammated whiteheads. After about a year of trying all sorts of different treatments (mostly bp) I finally went to the dermatologist and started using Accutane. This helped IMMENSELY, it was amazing, it cleared my entire skin and for a while