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  1. EmilieSea

    Day 99

    Congratulations! Your skins looks amazing! I'm so glad that you're happy with the results
  2. Don't we all! Accutane is pretty close to an over night solution (If you include 6 months as a night) My acne was pretty much in the same spots as yours as well! I look forward to following you on your journey
  3. Good luck throughout your treatment! I hope the side effects are minor and you achieve the results you want xx
  4. I used to get this all the time. My school attendance would be so bad because most days I just couldn't bare the thought of having to look in the mirror to get ready. My acne triggered a large aspect of my anxiety, and made me feel entirely insecure all the time. In my highest breakout point of my Accutane treatment, I was so depressed and disgusted with myself that one day I sat in my room and cried and yelled all morning until my Mum let me have the day off. Work was the biggest problem. I
  5. I'm back! Okay, so there is lots to update on. First of all, my absence. In my last blog post, I said that I wasn't sure if the "red spots" would go away, so over the last however long it has been, I have not taken any pictures of my acne and tried to think of it a whole deal. I thought that this would give me a good chance to compare the photos. On top of that, I have been EXTREMELY busy and haven't barely had any time to spend thinking about my appearance. Anyway, Week 21. Nearly at 6 mon
  6. Finally on time for once, woo! Last weekend I went camping and my goal was to not get sun burnt... Talk about a broken promise. All weekend I wore at hat, layers and layers of sunscreen, zinc and sunglasses, yet I still managed to get out of it looking like a lobster breeding ground. Because I got so burnt, my face is now peeling like theres no tomorrow, including places like my eyelids. So rank. Sun sensitivity is my biggest problem at the moment, especially now that summer is here. My li
  7. Are you still on Accutane? Would love to hear how you're going!
  8. So, I've decided that I'm going to be featuring two weeks in one blog from now on. I really feel like the treatments drastic climax has reached its end, so now it's just boring. 3 months on Roaccutane! Woo hoo, halfway there! Nothing has changed really. My body acne is almost gone, I've had the odd occasional breakout, otherwise that's all fading pretty quickly. I've had a couple of breakouts under my chin, which may be because I forgot to take my make-up off the night before, but other than
  9. I forgot to post last week! I've been super busy, and it didn't cross my mind until just then. Any who, I FINALLY GOT THE EXTRA 10mg. It was a long and traumatic journey, but we got there in the end. So now I am currently taking 70mg per day, the set amount my derm had planned for me. It's all going pretty well. I have the occasional breakout, but otherwise it just stays calm. I feel like I've reached the stage where it's fighting the acne that I have had set for years, not just the pimples
  10. Its not fine while on Accutane. I would wait 6 months after ended course. 2-3 months to get my normal oil production back and 3 months for my skin to get back to normal. I'm sure you could get away with it earlier though, its just me.. I agree, every time I pluck my eyebrows, the skin will just break and start bleeding. I guess I'll just have to walk around with a Chewbacca face.
  11. For the first few months, your skin breaks out in all different spots. I recently went through a patch of having a long row of pimples on my forehead, a place which I haven't had any acne or pimples for years. You skin can breakout anywhere. Acne doesn't follow any rules. Best to not touch your pimples or cysts. Just bare with it, and it will all settle down. The more you poke and prod, the worse it will get. Picking and popping are the only way you might form a scar. If you just leave it, your
  12. Just wondering, what do people do about hair removal while on Accutane? I cannot pluck my eyebrows without them peeling and bleeding, and I'm not allowed to wax. Also, how many months did you have to wait after you finished your Accutane until you could start waxing again? Thanks!
  13. I almost forgot to post this, but then I remembered, TWO MONTHS! YAY!!! So, two months on Roaccutane. Hopefully it's going to be uphill from here on out. You'd be surprised to know that I finally got my script sent out, but it's the WRONG DAMN SCRIPT. So it will probably be another 6-10 years before the correct one will arrive. So, I'm still on 60mg. My skin isn't looking too bad at the moment. It is definitely smoother, for sure. I'm very, very dry all over my body though. My arms, my