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  1. My face is clear but I still get massive shit around my nose areas. I've been using DIAL soap. I'm wondering if I keep the Dial soap on and dunk under the hot water if that would help.
  2. When you go to health food stores you see AUBREY and JASON stuff. I think they suck. They sound so good but they suck. Anyone try these things.
  3. i'm afraid of that stuff. I don't trust herbs and shit. Who knows what they are or how much your taking. woa, jamesw, how do you know all that?
  4. Do you get nervous and sweaty lol. I do and I know because its got to do with sex energy and sex scares me.
  5. I got almost 100% clear but my derms said no to Retin A because it was too harsh for my skin. Everyones different. BUT BP and Retin A is like sandpaper for a lot of skins.
  6. Cool idea. I been using hair pommade by wella I think its called Tresomme and my entire forehead is broken out just enough to make me crazy.
  7. I met this guy in school and he's fun but when I look at his skin he's got these little reddish bumps, they look like raspberries. He's got acne acars too but not terrible. What are those bumps.
  8. Try switching cleansers. I use 3 cleansers. Neutragena liquid. Dr Dennis Gross claenser. Dial soap. I had a weird breakout around my nose and near my eyebrows called seboreha dermatitis and 3 days of dial soap cleared it up.
  9. College is great. I went to Ridgewood HS in NJ and it was ok but college is great because you meet older guys and girls and from all over. And its more serious because now we are planning a future. I am a extrovert because I invite anyoine I like to come over to my house and I like listening and playing music so I also invite mostly guys over to play piano or guitar.
  10. My parents were the aggressive ones so much so I was embarassed the way my mother treated one derm and a nutritionst. It all worked out and I can really tell you that stress dosn't effect acne since 24/7 my parents put me under a ton of stress wathcing everything i ate and everything.
  11. Damn I don't know what worked for me since I had EVERYTHING all at once. Diet & Blue Light & 2 Artic Peels & Antioxidents & AntiBiotics. My derm said take LOTS of antibiotics, 8 a day for 2 weeks. Stop for 2 days, Then take 3 a day for 1 week. Then back to 8. I took a probiotic called DR OHIRA something & a special cleaner. Like I said whats good & what isn't I don't know but something worked
  12. Yes..at first that is what I thought it was too, so I started to just wash my face twice a day with the same cleanser..and it still dried me out and all that other stuff. And then I recently bought the Cetaphil Gentle and its dries me our horribly too. I've been trying to use cleansers that I had previously used that used to make my skin really smooth (like St. Ives Scrub) and that even dried me out and no longer made me smooth. I have no clue what happened to my face, I have never been this sen