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  1. I had sleep paralysis twice on accutane... until this day it must have been the absolutely most scary moments of my life. I remember lieing down on my bed... I heard footsteps slowly coming up the stairs. The person walked to my door and then stood there. I then heard as if he walked into my room right through the door without opening it. I was petrified... I couldn't move a muscle. My back was facing the door so I couldnt see. I heard him walk behind me and stop. He than started coming on to t
  2. Hey everyone. I don't post much at all anymore as I don't have acne. I hope one day all of you will be able to let go of this forum as I have and start enjoying your life. It has been over 3 years and I am completely clear. I get the odd pimple every so often but nothing like my cysts. My face wasn't even visible. This is basically an accutane success story. I started getting acne in grade 9 and it got REALLY bad as the years moved on. I became antisocial throughout all of highschool. I starte
  3. Who the hell would do that? lol obviouslly people who don't know anything about anything.
  4. 2 months is nothing. You will know if its working at least past the halfway mark.
  5. And I am still 100% clear! I get a few little things every so often but NOTHING bad. I went from severe to literally nothing! I even get comments on my skin now. Moral of the story? TAKE ACCUTANE. It is well worth the risk. I know people don't post often after they become clear so I thought I would help out the forum.
  6. Its been two years since I finished my one and only accutane cycle. And its been great! I havent had one break out since! I maybe get 1-2 small pimples that go away in 2 days every month. Its great stuff! Im just posting every so often to give out teh good word of accutane. You guys never get to hear how many people succeed with accutane because they usually stop posting. Im doin you guys a favour here! Go on accutane if its that bad!
  7. Damn straight they are. Type in BFGUITAR on youtube if ya wanna see me play. I play rock too, im in a band no worries lol.

  8. I dont wash my face with ANYTHING. Im sick of all that crap. I wake up in the morning, splash some water, dry, and im done. Same goes for nightime. Acne prevention after accutane seems silly. First wait until you even get bad acne. if u get a few small pimples, spot treat. If its a bit worse, use something like TTO or capsiderm (BP sucks balls I think. Same goes for retin-a and antibiotics). If it gets even worse, go on another course of accutane.
  9. Hey guys, I used to be a big poster back in the day. But lately I havent because of accutane 8 months after accutane and still clear skin. I get one little pimple every few weeks (those pin prick ones). I used to have moderate-severe acne back in the day. My acne was a result of genetics (mom has acne, grandpa has acne). Im just letting you all know how it turned out and so you new guys can get an idea of what might happen to you when your done accutane.
  10. Best way to meet girls is through other girls. If you dont know any, ask some of your guys friends to introduce you. Theres a girl somewhere willing to suck your knob because she likes you, just got to find them.
  11. From the album: Me as of now

    Heres one with better lighting.

    Me as of now

    After tane
  13. From the album: Me as of now

    Well heres me 6 monthes after tane. A few small pimples here and there, nothing bad at all. They all go away in as little as a week at most. Accutane is a godsend
  14. I can assure you, people for the most part are doing this to help you and be nice. Theres no reason to be fake. If people wanted to be mean the would, it snot like theyre ever going to see you. Finding yourself takes time. Do what makes you happy and pursue it. Things will fall in place.
  15. Soy is not good for men generally due to the phytoestrogens (especially for weightliters) Rice protein wont absorb into the body as fast as whey. Whey is the best choice. And no you wont get acne. Before tane i drank whey shakes and I was getting acne. After tane I still take shakes and im 100% clear.
  16. The people who liked highschool alot tended not to like university... or at least as much as I do.
  17. Well, its been about 4 weeks into university and I must say, this is the best experience of my life. I changed my attitude and gained respect from many more people. Im now not known as the short fat kid with no life. Im now known as the ripped guitarist (although I really dont think im that ripped, many other people are more ripped than me). Ive made many new friends, hooked up with quite a few ladies (broke some records in the first week lol). Heres a picture of me and a few of my friends.
  18. When people on this forum stop getting acne its a normal thing for them to move on. I just thought it would be nice and reassuring for you people thinking of going on accutane to get some first hand knowledge from a person who has done tane, and has been done for quite a while. I stopped getting acne at around the 4 month mark while on tane. Ever since than until a few weeks ago I was 100% clear. Now, I seem to be getting a few small whiteheads (the kinds that go away after a few days). I was
  19. Thanks guys No, its not a bug bite. Ive had cysts and severe acne before. I thought tha tit was at first but when I took a look it was a plain ol' cyst. My but is already white so no worries about the BP
  20. I have a cyst on my ass. I dont know how it formed (im thinking because its always damp down their from lifegaurding and the gym) How do I get rid of it? I dont want my derm poking needles in my ass. At the moment im applying pure TTO twice a day... will that do anything?
  21. I some what know the feeling. I have never been a jealous person but sometimes I do wish I could have so and sos face or popularity. I look at what I have and see what others might like. Ive had people come up to me and say they only wished they could play guitar half as well as I could. That made me feel really good (for obvious reasons) My barber said some people would pay a million dollars to have my kind of hair. And now people here are telling you here that your an awsome, beautiful pers
  22. NO IT DOESNT As long as you get 100% aloe vera your fine. That 99% of that 100% aloe vera is water. Its that 1 percent that does stuff. I dont see how it can break you out.