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  1. By the way, this is a comparison of my skin pre-treatment and 4 months in. What an amazing transformation! THANK YOU ACCUTANE
  2. Day 128 - (only 25 days left ) - [60 mg Absorica] Wanted to update with new side effects. My skin is 100% clear of pimples (face, chest, back, everything ) so I am thanking my lucky stars every day! I've also been reaping the benefits of grease-free hair every day..so awesome. However, about 4-5 days ago I started having this horrible pain in my lower back (feels like my spine - not a kidney thing) and it's almost to the point now that it's debilitating. Along with the low back pain, I'
  3. Day 68 - [60 mg Absorica] Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been super busy with classes. My skin is finally really smooth and feels great! I had a small one pop up on my forehead a few weeks ago and it's still healing because the skin keeps breaking as it's trying to heal so it's just a process. Same with those darn spots on both cheeks that I've had for like a month! Other than that, I'm so happy to say it's looking great!!! I mentioned the rashes on my hands a few weeks ago and that
  4. Thanks everyone!!! One new side effect through week 40 is that small bumpy rash on both hands. No itchiness or anything just tiny red bumps on my hands. I read that happened to many others on Accutane so I didn't panic Just moisturizing!
  5. Day 43 - Time is going by pretty quickly! I can't believe how well my skin has responded to this drug already! I have to tell you all about the amazing new moisturizer I'm using to control the dryness on my face. I went to Whole Foods (organic grocery store) and bought derma e hydrating day creme ($25 - link below), which I apply once at night and once in the morning after cleansing my face. I also solved the problem I was having with all of my harsh facial scrubs and exfoliating cremes by
  6. Day 30 and I think I might be going through the initial breakout stage. Either that or I am just completely stressed from grad school midterms This past weekend I had a solid 3 days where my skin was just feeling smooth and spot-free and then all of a sudden Monday rolled around and ..BAM! A face full of zits . My doc increased my dose from 30 mg to 60 mg and I started that yesterday. Today my face feels so sensitive that even just washing it and putting lotion on is a struggle. It get
  7. Hi everyone! Day 20 and a few more side effects to add to the list. There are no real cystic pimples on my face as of right now which makes me a happy camper! Everything is noticeably flatter and the skin on my forehead is beginning to feel very smooth I noticed that the pimples I do get take a lot longer to heal and my skin is so sensitive that just picking off dry skin can lead to big red areas that don't heal very quickly. New side effects: Bloody noses! - I've had two this week Lo
  8. Hi everyone! I've decided to update every 10 days unless anything major happens in between So it's day 10 on 30mg of Absorica and so far I've had only a few notable differences. The acne on my face has not changed much at all. However, right before I started my treatment, my back began to magically clear up out of nowhere! Now, there are only a few active ones right in the center of my back, and my shoulders and lower back look great! (Just have to let the drug clear up the scarring.) I hav
  9. September 9th - Day 1 (Absorica) Finally got my first month of pills today! After a long wait with the pharmacy and everything, I finally took the first pill tonight. Waiting game from here! Ill keep you posted
  10. September 4th....HURRY UP!!! I just want to start this already Also, I'm pretty sure I'm annoying everyone around me with my countdown sooo I had two clogged pores on my chin that turned into painful cysts because I just HAD to pick at them ...Why do I do this to myself?! I have a big weekend coming up with family parties and such, and I just can't help but hate being social when my skin looks and feels like this! On a lighter note, my cheeks are nice and clear They don't usually give me
  11. Hi biggs881, I've had the full blood workup for my hormone levels and they said all was fine there so I never considered it. I've also taken oral contraceptives since the acne started and no help there. I've recently switched to a birth control method that gets implanted under the skin on the inside of your arm and still nothing. Just as a side note, a different doc mentioned to me that I should ask my doctor about taking prednisone or amoxicillin as I start the accutane treatment in order to
  12. Hi everyone! Just discovered this website today as I was doing some Accutane research, and I decided to start a journal to track my experience. My acne began shortly after I hit puberty at age 13 and from what I remember it was mostly papules and some nodules on my face, chest, and back. I first tried Minocycline and some topicals which worked for some time and then stopped. At age 19, I began taking Solodyn, which worked wonders for my skin for a good 3 years. I know I probably shouldn't ha