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  1. to anyone out there especially dan i decided to stick with the regimen through but these red marks are really annoying. is it okay if i use menaji concealer for men with the regimen... it says non-cosfdsa whatever the word is but i'm still shaky on it because on the regimen instructions it says use nothing extra and dont forget anything
  2. i decided to double the bp and stop the bitching hope this works
  3. i started the regime about 2 months ago and followed it exactly. I started with really really mild acne like only 2 pimples on my face. before i started i never got red marks but after these 2 months have gone by i have more red marks then i can count. i hope stopping the regime helps because my skin was a lot better before i started it then it is now because i never got cysts before and now i have a couple
  4. i have a group of red spots in one place on my left cheek and the rest of my face is really clear. I'm using the old give it 6 months method but 6 months is one hell of a long time.
  5. Has anyone noticed if bp makes the little brown or pink marks that are left behind last longer? Before i noticed it only took about 2 weeks for them to go away now they seem darker and they fade very slow. Should be gone in about a month though
  6. ill experiment with it a little but the neutrogena has a little bit of salicylic acid in it so i might use it where im not using the bp and use the purpose where i am using the bp any suggestion or comments would help
  7. i have always used the neutrogena cream cleanser to clean my face but switched to the purposbe bar because the neutrogena was not on the list. I am noticing that the purpose bar is making my skin dry when the neutrogena cleanser was not. Does anyone know if i can use the Neutrogena cleanser?