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  1. Meh. Milk + Cookies is delicious, thus I will eat it.
  2. I keep my Duac (5% bp 1% clindamycin) in my fridge, its fine.
  3. I'm a big fan of nivia for men sensitive skin shaving gel, preshave wash, and aftershave. Most mild, pleasant shaving product I've ever used. I use a Sensor XL Blade... Electric gives me too many bumps etc. Also, make sure that you go WITH the way that the hair is pointing. NOT just "downward" Because downward can mean different things to different people. Down WITH the hair's direction, I've found this makes a huge difference. Like... crappy picture but You don't want to always be drag
  4. I doubt it does anything, tons of clear people drink the stuff. Acne and Diet are not related.. for the most part.
  5. Wow! congrats on clearing up! i'm going to the doctors tomorrow and i'm gunna beg them for duac. it seems like everyone who used it saw great results!!! i can't wait! ←
  6. SA totally cleared up my forehead, nose, and upper face after a month. However, I still got stuff on my jawline from shaving / maybe follicle infection, so I am checking that out and am now on Duac. My forehead, nose, upper face etc all still clear though..
  7. I'm on it. I'll say that it works in clearing up acne, maybe even stopping it. I still get Acne around my jaw though,... but it is probably due to poor shaving and possibly due to staph infection on my hair follicles... I am going to the doctor monday to check if I indeed have an infection instead of just acne.
  8. SA took me about a month of usage (SA Wash + Pad morning and night) to see any results... it definitely cleared up my forehead and nose and they've been good since.... in fact I plan to just use SA pads on my nose to keep those pesky blackheads away. It also really helped fade red marks... its weird, when you have it on the red marks stand out a bit but when you wash it off you can notice them fading.
  9. I lost like 7 lbs my freshman year college, this past summer I put on a pretty good amount of muscle (nice six pack ) but I only weigh ~120 lbs. That said, acne is still a bitch
  10. Its less acne, and more ingrown hairs. Me, I get ingrown hairs... all of my acne is from shaving... and I use a Sensor XL... or this crap electric (going to get a Remington ES-1000 soon) Mach 3 destroyed my face, i'm clear aside from my jaws etc.... now painful recovery
  11. Fuck that, red marks go away. Acne causes red marks and a bloody face.
  12. Its documented that smoking is bad for your skin, just look at how it turns people's skin yellow over time... so don't tell me it does nothing. I don't smoke cigs cause I can't stand them (never even tried one), but I smoke pot occasionally... I don't think it really aggravates it noticeably but I'm sure it doesn't help. That said I'm getting a vaporizer so that will cut down a lot of the damage.
  13. Its a little drying, but its a lot less drying than the BP Gel was for me... makes me a lot less red too.
  14. 2% SA totally cleared up my forehead and nose etc after about a month.
  15. I'm on Duac, and no its not really in my hair or anything... I think its on my pillow case though.
  16. I've had good experiences with SA after prolonged use - it totally cleared up my forehead, nose (and blackheads), and above my shaving line... but my shaving technique sucked causing acne/ingrown hairs to stay around my jaw. Now I'm no Duac and fixing up my shaving, and I'm finally coming close to all clear... but SA def helped me.
  17. I guess, but I would really just be more careful and stick to at night. doing the regimen in the day was a horrible experience for me. Doing my Duac only at night really however makes things a lot better, I imagine BP might be the same.
  18. Not me. Drinking never really bothers me... in fact I drank a moderate amount last night and woke up with an improved face (well I'm on a Duac regimen too, but nothing WORSE) Same with occasional pot. Doesn't really do anything to upset my skin. I drink tons of water all the time though, maybe that helps.
  19. Just because you have acne doesn't mean you are ugly. I think my face is pretty darn good looking, its just these spots that ruin it