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  1. I have read about this fluoride in toothpaste thing and will defiantly give it a try. Would this be the case if the toothpaste is touching areas around my mouth which are then becoming infected and inflamed or is a result of ingesting fluoride. I am reluctant to give accutane a second try as the side effects were crippling for me, the subconscious side effect of having acne however are much harder to deal with. Thank you very much for responding
  2. Hi I use to have very bad acne during my teens but after years of face washes that made it worse and long corse of lymecycline's I eventually was treated using Accutane and that seemed to be the end of my problem. 3 Years later however and out of nowhere my spots have come back, and don't seem to be budging. Im now 24 and after being 3 years clear skinned, had moved away from the insecurities that come from having bad skin, so its a pretty big knock that they have come back. Strangely however