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  1. seriously guys, the cream im using isnt making the red bumps go away... what are these things :S. bump
  2. Yeah, but im OFF of accutane since november 21. theres has to be a fix to this i feel waRM n hot 24/7 ITS DRIVING ME CRAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!(like right now)
  3. 40 mg and i weigh 152, i was on it for 4 months. what do i do about my sweating problems n these random red bumps? ty.
  4. Hi everyone, back in november 21, 2012 i got off accutane. Since then i have never had one day go by without me sweating and feeling SUPER HOT, if theres one thign i hate more than anythign its sweating, it ruins my clothes, makes it uncomfortable to drive and random burst of hotness through out my whole body. What can i do about this over heating its driving me insane, i cant stop sweating .
  5. Hi everyone. So back in november 21 2012 i got off of accutane. I was left with a bunch of scars and red markings, and also Red PIMPLe like bumps that have been there since november 21 2012. I went to a dermo and she told me it is a cyst? my doctor told me they are "fat deposits" now if im not mistaken arent cysts puss infected pimples? these circled bumps on my pictures have been for almost a full YEAR. What are these and what is going on? my dermo has recommeded i use tactuo Gel (if anyone kno