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  1. i'm still on accutane and my hair is really thinning out and i do have a few patches (although i'm female) - my derm prescribed something called Pantogar to me for this
  2. it means that you should take 125mg of accutane per kg of body weight. Change lbs to kg to work it out. on the other hand i have taken around 350mg/kg so i dont know whether that rule stands...
  3. i always had small pimples and an occasional large one and used to use foundation to cover them up perfectly since age 13 or 14 onwards. Then when I was 19 it turned cystic after a green peel treatment that a beautician did on me and it got so bad that i've been on Accutane for the past 8 and a half months - but i'm happy with the progress i've had so far - hoping this is my last month now!
  4. I was just curious about the age groups that are most commonly affected by acne in this board and who needs the most moral support by coming on this board!
  5. So my derm has prescribed Pantogar to me for my hair because it's become so weak and it's thinned out a lot - i've been on Roaccutane for a little over 8 months. Has anyone ever taken these pills? I take 1 tablet 3 times a day. The only info i found about it is from their website: www.pantogar.com
  6. everyone keeps asking what the best foundation to use on Accutane is - it's definitely this one - and I know from experience - i only discovered this after nearly 8 months of tane - wish i found it before!
  7. hi! i've been on Roaccutane for slightly more than 8 months now. I was on 60mg for the first 5 months, 70mg for the next two months, and back down to 60mg daily for another 2 months. I weigh 46kg. So that's around 350mg per kg in total for the whole course. My skin had nearly cleared up and finally got rid of a huge nodular cysts which had been there for over 6 months because the derm injected it for me (for around the 6th time)! has anyone ever been on such a high dose for such a long d
  8. estee lauder's maximum cover lightweight foundation spf 12 - use a foundation brush and follow with EL's aeromatte ultralucent pressed powder - no need for a concealer
  9. someone gave me this tip and it really helped - it makes make up application so fast because it blends in so easily!
  10. i used to use my fingers but now I started using the Estee Lauder foundation brush and it's great - i also heard that the Lancome one is really good - you also dont waste a lot of foundation when using a brush
  11. Sisley's eye makeup remover is amazing but it is ULTRA expensive - i only got a sample for it coz i cant afford it alternatively i either use Simple or Gatineau
  12. i use the following make up and love it (after loads of searching): Estee Lauder - maximum cover lightweight foundation (UK version), foundation brush and aeromatte ultraluscent pressed powder - all are oil free YSL - effet caux cils mascara in black La Roche Posay crayon eyeliner in black or Revlon Lancome Crayon Khol Waterproof in Turquoise Shiseido pen refillable liquid eye liner in black Guerlain eye shadow quad in 260 rose La Roche Posay Satin Blusher Body Shop lip liner Eva Garden
  13. i had tried deepest beauty's mineral makeup but didnt have much luck with it - the best foundation i've found is estee lauder's maximum coverage lightweight foundation (UK version) - great full coverage and best one i've found while on accutane!
  14. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that after a lot of searching I have finally found my HG foundation. It provides the best full coverage I have ever seen yet it is easy to apply and blend and really lightweight and not heavy or cakey at all. I am currently on Accutane and I have had so many problems with my skin and finally (two weeks before I am set to go off the pills) I have found the right foundation for me - and I wanted to share it with you all because I have tried so many