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  1. A new update. My hyperpigmentation is gone. never ever anymore peels in the future, especially for ethnic skin. Please follow me on : http://www.whiterskin.info/mercury-is-a-dangerous-skin-lightening-ingredient/#comment-222144 follow me on: Mrs. Ahmed (http://www.whiterskin.info/mercury-is-a-dangerous-skin-lightening-ingredient/#comment-222144).
  2. heloo I am back with an update. I have got hyperpigmentation around 6m in circular fashion on my right cheek. Totally avoided sun post peel, still of no use. Its just one cheek that's bothering me. apart from this, rest is clear. My current regimen: Kojic acid soap twice ( am & pm) every alternate day st. ives apricot scrub planning to use carotein lightening gel , but still not finished with my research. I am very sensitive to hydroquinone as it made my cheek raw red when used
  3. Hi all... Its been a week post peel. My skin is very clear. I am using Loreal SPF 50 while going out in sun. I try to avoid sun most of the times, but at times, its impossible for me. But I would like to mention that, there is one spot that is bit darker on my cheek bone, which I never ha it before. I am using cetaphil to cleanse my face. Now Could anyone help me, if I can use 4% KOJIC ACID to even my skin tone or is it too early. I am just worried to do anything .
  4. day3 after the peel. today my skin is completely clear and a slight pinkish which actually submerged nicely with my complexion. but I am just thinkin a lot about this pink skin. will I get darkened once this pink skin changes to my skin color I mean hyperpigmentation. I have done loads of research, but could not find an answer for this. I have also researched that post peel, when u have been pregnant (I am not pregnant, but I was pregnant 8 months before and I have already a little one who is 8
  5. hello all, my skin has peeled and its completely clear now. no more scabs on my face. but my skin is bright pink, there is absolutely no bleeding or anything as such.... is this normal ?????
  6. day 2 after peel. my skin started to flake. but the one that worries me the most now is, some area is deeply burned near my lips...will it leave any scar or some kind of mark on my face ? I am not picking, even though its very hard to resist. before peeling, my face otherwise was very clear, no acne or scars or anything.
  7. thank you all to be so inspiring. I will keep updating my condition, so that it will be helpful to others as well. I do have Bodyshop Vitamin E moisturiser at present, as I have to ask my husband tomorrow to get me aquaphor or Emu ...But can I use this moisturizer in the meantime?
  8. I am just worried, will it ever heal , will I have my face back..? I have learned my lesson
  9. Help me pleasssse... I just did a 60% lactic acid peel last night. This was the first time. The moment I applied, It started burning. I washed my face a minute later.. I had some blisters, which they diasapperade after half an hour. Then I had some white layer, even that disappeared later. I went to sleep, and this morning when I saw my face, I was in tears. I had some burns which are brown.. I am just splashing some cold water and nothing else. I am feeling shy to go out or face my husband