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  1. Just hype, I bought it years ago , and it did nothing for my indentations, I think it even made me break out. Save your money!! ](*,)
  2. Whats the next forums you will vist. The bald men site, asking how not to lose your hair? I'm sorry but I don't want to hear the "woes" of person without scars asking for advice for how not to get them. If we knew don't you think we would have done it ourselves? Or do you think we knew the "secret" on how not to get acne scars but said "What the hey" and did the bad habits anyways and got scars! [-( Paleese!!!!!!!!! =;
  3. Hi, I looked at search for enlarged pores and nothing came up. I have enlarged pores on my face in the T Zone, not from oily skin but I got it fromt the crappy doctor who did my dermabrasion and laser treatment years ago.. Is there anything over the counter or in the kitchen to put on face to help shrink them? Thanks. #-o
  4. I agree Elcina is a waste of money, I got some a long time ago , two jars and it did squat for indented acne scarring. Dont waste your money.
  5. Hi, I am thinking of buying the Perfect complextion tca on Ebay, but just using it plain not the cross method which I dont understand, will it do anything, to ice pick and rolling scars on its own just by putting in on the skin without the cross method or not? Is it worth the money? Is the dr. in NJ the only one who does the cross method? :-k [-X =D>
  6. How is this helping people, I have done vinegar , first malt, now white vinegar,and I don't see any improvment, i have rolling scars on my cheeks
  7. Are indentations rolling scars? What is the down time for subsicsion? Cost? ETC. Thanks
  8. I need to do whatever is the cheapest method with the least down time, I don't have any days off of work, but 2 days a week. I dont know dont quite understand the needling thing.. How much is subcision?
  9. Dont want to get burned this time,, I went to the same guy 2x once for laser , second for dermabrasion to fix the mess of the laser ](*,) I am very unhappy with my face and indentations on my cheeks, my sister says nobody even notices, I love her but excuse me, what BS!!! I know i get treated like a leper cause of my scars. I want a boyfriend, a husband, a date! No guys give me the time of day cause my scars. So what questions should i ask the plastic surgeon, they have to be board certified I
  10. Its not for acne scars or pits, more like cuts or something like that, Ive tried it on my face for my indentations, NADA
  11. Hi, no I never tried them, what are they? Where can you get them?
  12. HI, I think i have been using it for a few weeks now,, I just wonder why it looked like they were better at night and the next day bad again :D({|= I did the old look in the reflection of the car window on a sunny day trick, and they were all there and a counted for :)