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  1. You 18 so you could sign yourself up. All you would need to do is cop their insurance card. But I had exactly the same problem you do. I would only get it on my cheeks and back. I went on accutane 36 days ago and I still have a little acne breakouts, no where near clear yet, but getting there.....ugh hopefully I start clearing up. Where are you from? For your cysts apply Hydrogen peroxide. You should see the skin turn white on the cyst (bacteria turns white when killed) this makes the pimple do
  2. so im like 38 days in anddd not clear .-. kinda pissed TBH
  3. Its suppose to take upwards or 1-2 months to be totally clear, and stay clear for ever. Just relax its a hardcore drug that will show lasting effects for ever, dont worry about your face, time will pass faster that way!
  4. Lucky, the doctor said that I am being put on it- a month ago. Just so much shit you have to go through in the US to get it. And lol I wouldn't miss a paintball tournament, or even a game for my life. Hopefully Ill start it soon though. My acne was 3 times worse as your, all cystic acne across my checks, Pimples would last months if i didn't do anything about it. But now its clearing up? Im not sure but my face has really been getting better to call it light (not counting the tens of scars and h
  5. Where are you from? Since of the Ipledge system i can only get it at one month at a time and get blood work every month
  6. Pimples that were already present will get worse as they are coming to head- but they will dry up a lot faster now, going into this i know that im not going to see results for about 1-2 months. Im gonna be on it for 6 months wau?
  7. If you were on an antibiotic and a product like differin before most likely you wont have a HUGE intial breakout.... my doctor explained the intial breakout results from the gunk being pushed up, resulting in hard little bumps under the skin and antibotics and products like differin theoretically clear that problem.
  8. Starting mine firday and did your doc prescribe the prescription moisturizer?
  9. How is it going? Do you have pictures before & present? I'm starting soon..............i think Thursday Im getting my script. The i pledge system screwed me so hard.... I should of gotten it 4 weeks ago, but everybody has been fucking up left and right god...
  10. Just curious are you a girl? If you used products like differen which pushed all the gunk up from your pores ( that's why people break out initially on it), mix that with antibiotics, no your most likely not going to get an HUGE initial breakout like everyone states....
  11. Did you have to do this ipledge thing? JUST GIVE ME MY ACCUTANE....lol... god...
  12. Doc. decided accutane was the next option... New thread starting soon...
  13. What where you on before accutane? If you where on antibiotics most likely you wont break out, even if the antibiotics where ineffective (as if you still got an odd pimple here and there) . If you had nothing most likely you will, as accutane pushes all the gunk out of your skin. Starting accutane next week wish mee lucck