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  1. Hi ctywater12. I'll have to say after almost 7 years I still experience no redness and acne. A long time ago it was nailed in the butt. Probably 1 year after I completed the course I was cured 100 percent! Hope the same happens for you and even sooner better yet! Good luck!
  2. Hi Melie87! My course did go good and I was completely clear of all existing acne on my face and body. However being 3 months post Accutane I'm sad to report that I am once again breaking out. How sad . I thought for sure I nailed it this time around with this awesome drug but I guess it will go when it's ready. If I still have to deal with this past 21 I'll cry. None the less though it is still very minor and barely noticeable. However I can say that I could be blamed for these few breakouts t
  3. Hi CWR24, thank you for your timely response. Much appreciated. I am quite relieved to hear that this is a common occurrence in Isotretinoin users and not something drastic like rosacea. I thought it was for quite some time because of the "rosacea-like" symptoms I've been experiencing. Such symptoms include constant redness, flushing (even when eating), tingling sensations, and always warm in the face. I started off taking 40mg a day month one and am now on 60mg a day.
  4. Hi Acne.org, I started Amnesteem (Isotretinoin) on December 14, 2013 and have had dramatic clearing in my skin. I barely had an initial breakout since starting and that's great, however I am red all the time 24/7 and flush/blush randomly and it is very irritating. This was occurring before I started as well. It may be from all the products I've used over the years before I finally resorted to Isotretinoin. I am posting to try to determine if this is normal or if I should be concerned? I am so si
  5. Hi Acne.org, in hope of finally finding a simple solution to my mild to moderate persistent acne I've discovered Skinclare.com and was greatly pleased to see that their products contained all natural ingredients. After receiving my samples and following the dosage recommendations I have noticed that after about 4 days my acne has flattened and healed very well. Inflammation has greatly subsided and my confidence greatly increased. So obviously I will not get my hopes up as it has only been 4 day
  6. Hi there Shansa3! I was in the same boat as you about a month ago with forehead acne; plus a little more spread around the face! So I went to my dermatologist after trying countless things and he wanted to prescribe me Clindamycin gel. I was very discouraged about that because I've tried just about every topical acne cream/gel EXCEPT Clindamycin, so I said FINE I'll try this and hope for the best. So what do you know!? It began working miracles. This gel is amazing!!! It's clear, it's gel, it's
  7. Thank you so much EatsRainbows I will try those methods with my parents and hope for the best! If everything doesn't work out I will take it upon myself to get the medication because I can't live with this curse any longer. Thanks again
  8. Hi EatsRainbows thank you for your response! I'll be sure to check out your log! You are exactly right on pictures not showing everything. There is allot more that didn't show up in the picture. I would absolutely love to give Accutane a go, however there is still a matter of my parents holding me back from taking the drug. Do you have any idea how I could work around that issue?
  9. Hi Acne.org, I'm a new comer here. I just turned 18 and only have acne on my face. I have widespread acne all over my face and it is extremely stubborn. I am starting college on October 15th and am getting very worried that it will interfere with my work ethic and social life. I am now cracking down and am ready to take action to end this. However neither one of my parents approve of Isotretinoin. My friend Tim took Isotretinoin last year and had great success with it and his skin looks flawless
  10. Hi there, I tried this a few months back and stayed on this caveman regimen up until the beginning of this month and my acne just exploded. I was feeling pretty hopeless the next morning, so hopeless that I forgot to bring my CeraVe cleanser that I've been using for quite some time. I went downstairs to take a shower and saw a bar of soap sitting there and I said to my self "Why not?" So I grabbed the bar of soap lathered it up in a wash cloth and scrubbed my entire face (which felt very soothin