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  1. I did my first Jessner's Peel on Thursday morning and after 3 days I still haven't noticed any peeling or redness happening. Is this normal? I think I did it the right way: I washed face, did the oil removal stuff that came with it, put 1 layer on for 5 minutes, applied a 2nd layer for 5 minutes and then washed it off. It stung a little while I was doing it so I know it wasn't just a water solution, but it wasn't red or leathery looking afterwards. Will it start peeling in a few days? Help!
  2. I'm finally getting a Jessner's peel from the Original Skin Store on eBay to handle all my redmarks and minor minor scarring on my forehead, but I have a few questions before I buy: Since I'm only 17 will that have any effects on the healing process? Also, should I consistently moisturize after for the first few days, and is it ok to use the Jessner's if I still have a little bit of active acne? Any other advice is greatly appreciated too!
  3. Final_Fantasy

    Retin A Not Working

    I know theres an initial breakout but should it still be there 4 weeks after you started?
  4. Final_Fantasy

    Retin A Not Working

    I got Retin A prescribed to my on Oct 31 for some mild scarring and red marks on my forehead. My derm also said that I should use it on the rest of my T zone even though it has VERY mild acne. I started using it everyday at about Nov 12 (give or take a few days) and I look worse then I ever have. My acne now on my forehead and nose especially is worse than its ever been. Is this still the purging period or should I quit?
  5. Final_Fantasy

    Pimple Eraser at Walgreens

    It looks kinda cheap but I'm still tempted to try. If anyone has tried this please post!
  6. Final_Fantasy

    Pimple Eraser at Walgreens

    I was in Walgreens, and I saw this $9.99 Pimple Eraser stuff. It's suppose to be a glycolic lotion of some sorts. Has anyone heard/tried this before? I think its new because I've never seen it before. On looked on the back and the ingredients are glycolic acid, sd alcohol, water (maybe a few more but i can't remember). They have a website too: Pimple Eraser
  7. Final_Fantasy

    Possible red mark fader...

    When I first read this topic I was like, yeah whatever, but after trying it for a few days I must admit that it works. I've only washed my face with water when I have too and I've noticed that I'm much less oily than I use to be. It hasn't really improved my red mark yet, but that area is much calmer looking.
  8. Final_Fantasy

    APeel, and Jessner, and TCA O MY!

    Hi, i have only minor scarring on my forehead with a lot of redmarks that have been there for 6-7 months. I've tried SA, ScarZone, etc with no results and I want to do some sort of peel, because it seems that a lot of people here have tried them with good results. What kind of peel should I do?
  9. Hi! I've had some pretty bad red marks on my forehead for aboutt 6 months now so I'm pretty worried that it could be scarring. I've tried a variety of different things; SA, ScarZone, Green Tea Toner, etc, but nothing has really helped. I've never had any scarring anywhere else so I'm not sure how to treat it. I've read a lot about a variety of different peels such as the A Peel, Jessner's Peel, glycolic acid, but do not know which one is right for me. PLEASE HELP!
  10. Final_Fantasy


    Sounds great, but can I put this on an area that still has some active acne? Would putting BP on first, then ScarZone work?
  11. Final_Fantasy

    Strange Irritation Patterns

    I've recently switched to using BP again after using SA for a while, and I've been getting some weird red irritation on my chin. For 2 of the last 5 days I've woken (sp?) up with it being a redish patch there. It's strange because I don't get any irritation anywhere else and somedays I don't get any irritation. I'm using Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar and Neutrogena On The Spot BP. Should I continue doing this on my chin or should I stop?
  12. Final_Fantasy

    im just gonna stop everything!

    Everytime time I wash my face with just water it feels tight and a little dry. Even after only 1 time. Is this just the pores getting wider or does washing with just water cause dryness?
  13. Final_Fantasy

    im just gonna stop everything!

    I might try this just because i've given up on stupid red marks that resist everything. What are some good face washes that people without any acne would use? It seems like every soap is either for too oily skin, too dry skin, etc.