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  1. iTommy

    Acne/large Pores Advice Needed

    Thank you all for your suggestions! I will definitely have a deeper look at the different products. @gkitten25 I am 19, Ye... they tend to be blocked. That combined with oily skin on the nose makes it more visible. - Tommy
  2. Hello guys I need advice. I've struggled with acne a couple of years now and it does seem to get worse. My genetics have apparently blessed me with large pores and bad skin in general (see attachments). I've tried the regimen but it didn't help. It made my skin more oily and the pores more visible. Pore strips have a rather negative reputation since many people say that they only make the pores larger, something which I absolutely don't want to happen. Can you give me advice on products
  3. iTommy

    The Regimen Only At Night?

    Thanks to everyone for your replies! Yes I started off on the wrong foot(using bp twice a day) which I thought was the right amount to use. I am going back to twice a day in a week or so since I already do it once a day. I will definitely try Jojoba oil when I am ordering the next package from here.
  4. Hello I am a user of the Regimen. I started two weeks ago using the regimen twice a day. Everything did work fine I had a bit flakiness, dryness, redness and so on which was just fine until five days ago. My skin was red everywhere and it burned/itched a lot and the flakiness was higher than usual. I thought that it would go away soon but my skin kept getting worse. I started to break out again on my forehead so I decided to use the regimen only at night(BP).I use the cleanser and moisturizer in