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  1. Amandals2007

    24F First Round Accutane Log

    so i see you have the Nexplanon Implant , hows that working for you? i did accutane 5 years ago and im clear now, and i want a birth control impant but heard they are terrible for acne.
  2. Amandals2007

    Ccoc For Acne

    I did accutane over a year ago and it changed my life. I've always been on birth control, about 10 years now (I'm 26). After accutane the only time I got pimples were a couple during my period. My doctor and I decided continuous cycle oral contraceptive would be a good idea for me to try to keep my hormones level and for other reasons it was a good idea for me not to have a period for about a year. I'm on amethyst, and I see its on that list of birth control to avoid. Most of the time my face is fine but this is the end of my third month of pills and I've had 3 flares of big pimples. Does anyone know of extended cycle birth control that either is neural or good for acne? I'm desperate for help and I can't find this information anywhere.
  3. Amandals2007

    Two Weeks Post Accutane.

    Well, I have one semi huge pimple that was forming when I finished the medication. My doctor gave me a prescription for retin A to use topically a month after I'm done with accutane if things get bad again and told me give it 4 months before I decide to go see a doctor. Because of insurance purposes I can't see my derm anymore and so he wrapped up my treatment and wished me the best and said he will refer me to someone if I need a dermatologist again. Lips are still dry but I can tell they are getting better, my hair is definitely not as dry anymore. Skin is still bad but it's winter. It just scares me that I'm not treating my face right now. Just using purpose face wash and ceraVe lotion along with tarte Moroccan face oil for spots and dryness. I've always treated my face it just feels weird not to. Let's hope this treatment worked.....
  4. Well I haven't updated in a while fourth and fifth month the doctor moved me to 100 mg a day. I was getting clear but then had a massive blow up of 5 big pimples two weeks before being done. The doctor was thinking of doing another month but with the hospital I work for being bought by another hospital I couldn't see this doctor anymore because of insurance change :/
  5. Been on this stuff 2.5 months and still breaking out...why?!?! Last week I had three days of clarity. I got like 5-7 small pimples nothing big but I just want it to go away. I'm on 70 mg still a day...I just thought I would see more improvement. I feel like my cause is hopeless
  6. Amandals2007

    Month Two, Week Three

    Not as many pimples coming in. Still getting breakouts but just not as many pimples and they generally aren't as big. The eczema has gone away thanks to the jojoba oil I ordered from this site!! It seems to help all over!! I add it to my face and body lotions and it really has helped! I hope it stays helping with winter coming!! I'm having back pain but not sure if it's from my back injury that flares up sometimes or the meds. My hips are sore too so maybe it's both? I dunno. I love that my scalp is not oily anymore because I can go 3 days without washing my hair with helps it be healthier but also keeps my scalp from itching!! Win win situation! I go back to the doc nect week for my apt. Let's see how it goes! Oh and blood work is coming back fine!
  7. Amandals2007

    1 Month And 2 Weeks

    I have the bleeding gums thing too. It's not often but when I eat an apple I get it, I have back pain but I hurt myself in hs and it acts up every once in a while so I'm not sure if it's the meds or my back. I've been on this just a week longer than you so we are on the same time table. I had a big breakout last month and I'm still getting small things but nothing big so I'm seeing an improvement I guess??
  8. Amandals2007

    Week One, Month 2-Eczema! :(

    I now have eczema! I have patches on my upper arms. I have never ever had this in my life. I never had any kind of dry skin ever!!! This stuff is so annoying!! I ordered jojoba oil from this site and it came today so I'm gonna see if it helps. Also my mom said try hydrocortisone cream so I started doing that too yesterday. My whole body seems to be getting super itchy, mostly around the back of my legs, my upper arms and now my scalp. Anyone else have these issues? On a good note my face looks good today! The big red pimples I had are almost gone, just one left and some little things and hyper pigmentation. Let's hope it keeps going like this on my face!!
  9. Just had my appointment with the doctor. He did not increase my dosage. Is this normal to not increase the dosage after the first month? I am staying on 70 mg a day. I had a blowup about a week and a half ago. I had about four or five big large pimples on my face that were very painful. They have gone down now and my face is about back where it was when I originally started Accutane. The doctor said my face should get better from here I should not see any more pimples come on my face at this point. The symptoms have been about the same, dry hair dry skin and I had my first bloody nose ever on the medicine today. My allergy medicine also dries out my nose so that could be part of the reason I have a bloody nose today. If I do not put Aquaphor on my lips at least twice an hour my lips literally peel off in one chunk. It's really gross!! Any thoughts as to why my doctor did not increase my dosage? Will I still see improvement on the same dosage for the next month? I really want to do this the right way the first time so that I do not have to repeat the Accutane like I have heard many people have had too. I am an open book so if anybody has any questions about something that I did not address please do not hesitate to send me a private message or even just comment on this blog here so that other people may benefit from my answers.
  10. Amandals2007

    Day Twenty-Five Accutane

    I am on 70mg and honestly its not that bad. As long as i use aveno lotion, and this organix scalp therapy tee tree shampoo to help with the dryness i am really ok. my face recently just got super dry and i added a bit of argan oil to my cerave lotion and it has made all the diffference. and the aquafor oinment makes my lips bearable! so it can be done!!! hang in there!!!
  11. My skin is getting more dry, as in I am getting way more itchier!! Just this morning the corners of my mouth are starting to hurt. They feel like they burn I got some shampoo and conditioner called organix scalp therapy tea tree. I cannot use regular shampoo because I have a keratin treatment in my hair and I have to use sulfate free things so it was very hard to find something in stores and not order online. I will let you know how it works. Anyone use jojoba oil? I see it mentioned on here, is it worth it? I'd add it to my face cream, body cream, anything to help the itching. I have Jose maran argan oil that I loved but haven't tried it yet with the accutane. Anything to help the corners of my mouth? I use the aquaphor ointment and it's amazing on my lips but my corners of the mouth are starting to worry me. Any suggestions?! Thanks for all the help I get on here from reading blogs and posts. These really do help and that's why I'm posting so I can maybe help someone else too!!
  12. Day 10 everyone! my skin is SUPER itchy?!!! i was reading thats normal but then some blogs say its a sign of an allergic reaction to the meds?! please tell me that isnt true because i do NOT want to go off of these meds!! I have a few new break outs. not sure if its from the accutane, or after my girly time i normally get some break outs since i normally have a clear face during my time of the month, go figure!! skin is getting dry. i think my eyes might be too. face looks redder. my gums seem sore. they were tender when i brushed my teeth. i googled this and it it doesnt seem very common but it was listed...is this from the tane or is it something else???.....someone PLEASE shed some light on this for me!!!
  13. Day 6 today. i think the headaches i have been having are from the medication. they are located on my hairline on my forehead and its like a throbbing pain. is this normal? its been going on for a few hours today, and i had one Thursday too but i just thought it was a normal headache. this is really annoying though, it wont go away at all. also, i have been having a dried out nose. but i also have started taking my allergy medications again since fall is coming and my allergies have gone nuts! so I think my nose is a combo of both medications. my lips feel weird too. not like dry, but kinda tight. almost like its getting dry from the inside first? i was using lip balm everyday until yesterday, i wanted to see if my lips were getting dry or not. still getting some pimples. they seems to be popping really easy. ALSO i was outside in the shade for an hour today and i look super RED!!!!! it was just an hour in the shade!! i was shocked!!! this stuff really does mess up the skin so dont play around always wear that sunscreen. i am leaving for florida in less than two weeks, i gotta really load up on that stuff down there!! i thought i had sensitive skin before these meds, my skin was normal compared to when on this medicine. im including my first pictures. its from today, so i dont have starting pictures but besides two pimples, my face looks the same as it did on day one
  14. Amandals2007

    Accutane Day 5, Nothing Yet

    today is the start of day 5. just took my 40mg that i take in the morning, i will take my other 30mg with dinner. i have not noticed anything yet. i have been using chapstick like its my job to not only get used to putting it on all the time since i never use that stuff, and to also combat any drying that may start. i dont want side effects but im waiting for them to start. anyone know when they are supposed to start? i was at an amusement park the last couple days and wore strong sun screen. i do not normally wear spf 50 kids sun screen for sensitive skin, but i dont want to take the chance of burning even on day 5 of my meds. ill post in a couple days again. ask my any questions or leave me some insight if you can please!! =)
  15. Amandals2007

    The Beginning Of My Journey

    Hello and welcome to my blog. I will post more later when I have a bit more time, but i just wanted to start this out. I am on my second day of accutane. No side effects yet. I am 24, been battling acne since i was 15. I have tried everything over the counter, all the chemical peels and perscription that you can get from the doctor. I didnt even know about acctuane until april this year. When my new dermatologist had me try a round of Retin-A and Duac, she said she didnt think this would work but had to try something before she could put me on acctuane, which she thought i needed. After that visit i went home and researched myself what the drug was. I then switched dermatologists around July (to the one i was really trying to get into but was booked and then an opening came up) and he right away decided i needed acctuane. At that time i had all my ducks in a row, checked insurance information to see what drugs were covered, got all my monthly appointments scheduled, and got all the products i found online that people said helped them on their journey. My doctor is starting me on 70mg a day for the first month. It kinda scares me because I have read that is a high dosage, especially to start on. Anyone have thoughts on that? I have not felt any different yet. Maybe a headache but i get those from time to time so im not sure what the headache is from. I will try to post as much as I can and maybe some pictures to document my journey. I loved reading the blogs on here and the after blogs of life after accutane, so I would like to make one so that someone else can get some good information from my blog if they decide they want to go on the 'tane!!