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    Animals, science, eating caramel, recovery, reading, drawing, learning. Making highly detailed and completely inaccurate conclusions about what's going on around me. My head be cray cray. Embrace the oddness.

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  1. Hey AsianyJ!! Just want to wish you all the best luck. This is all going to be worth it. You'll get your life back! Stay strong
  2. Hey Nicolacat!! Thanks for your post!! Oh the oil is so CONSUMING isn't it? I used to want to shave my hair off. On bad days I think that as soon as I stop this course of Accutane, I'm going to wake up as greasy as a freshly battered cod. I totally understand about the wedding in Cyprus. For me, I always wanted a night time wedding in a hot country, so I'd have a tan and no one could see my face in the dark. So once I find the man, the wedding is 2am, Dallol, Ethiopia. Everyone is invited Wh
  3. Hey Mike!!!! Wishing you success and much happiness and FREEDOM
  4. Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally identify with the "unravelling" sebaceous projectile. Some of mine are like party poppers that go on for miles. WHAT are they celebrating? Instead of using breadcrumbs,if Hansel and Gretel would have been on Accutane and popped a big one they'd have made their way through the forest and had enough to corden off the trees in terms of genus and species, and make a new set of curtains for the house. I hope it clears really soon for you!!! Mine are h
  5. DAY 36 (I thiiinnnk) In dermatology court (In session, so ssshhh) Judge: "Accutane, you stand accused of causing hot flushes and severe palpitations to the alleged victim, Irish Ciara. How do you plead" Accutane: "Not guilty" Judge: "The jury comprising Ciara and her peers and pores, will return verdict shortly" -Roaccutane starts flushing- Ciara: "We the jury, myself and fellow peers and pores find Accutane NOT GUILTY of the alleged offence. We hereby move to indict exam stress and resu
  6. Hey Kim! I'm ok and I'll try and get on later tonight to do an update. Exams start Monday! Aaahhhhhh. No more major flushing but heartbeat bit erratic and dizzy. Psychotic amounts of studying have a role to at there too. Have you had any flushing? I am following all your posts and Jess' when my phone beeps I drop textbooks quickly and read. My acne and I are still with you all in in spirit and sebum. Hope all is well!
  7. Day 25 (I think) LADS!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! I am FLUSHING. Like crazy. My head is a hot tomato. My hands from the base of fingers to the tips look like fat, red sausages, and above that, deathly white. My heart is trying to kick a hole in my chest and I'm lying down. It is a little bit scary. I also feel dizzy, even when lying down. Can someone let me know if this is normal?? If it passes and is nothing serious, even though it's scary I'm totally cool with it. it's been happening for around
  8. Hey JJ! Still can't seem to quote people on here and it's actually quite funny, I was studying "defining plagiarism" in the middle of the night for my exams. I didn't think any reference to study could illicit an amused eyeroll in me, but I'm rolling with it!! Thanks also JJ for your kind words, I appreciate it! I wish you total clarity of skin and mind!!!! I hadn't heard of low dose before joining this site, then proceeded to google-ise the life out of it. It seems a great way to go!!! I think
  9. Hey rob great to hear from you. I totally identify with your skin and all your feelings. I empathise with you completely!! I had gotten so, so low. I was devastated at what my existence had been for so long due to acne. ExCYSTence really! I was hiding from life. That takes so much effort too, it's draining!!! My main emotions were sadness and helplessness and total and utter hopelessness. I had a hole in my soul. The week leading up to my first appointment, I was anxious. I also alternated betwe
  10. Katie!!!!! Happy new CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to wish you all the best for your dermatology appointment on the 6th!! I really hope it all works out for you. How are you doing? Hope you have gotten lots of rest and are well buddy xxx
  11. HAPPY NEW CLEAR, KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS -30????????????????????? I will never complain about Ireland's weather again. Hope your lips (and your heart) heal soon. Stay strong. I really think it's just around the corner.
  12. DAY 16-20 Pent-a-whammy!!!!! happy NEW CLEAR everyone!!!!!!! Day 16 (31/12/13) and upon awakening, rushed to engage in a face off with Frenemy (most will refer to this as looking in mirror). Frenemy generally hates me and I, her. I think she's two faced and she believes I'm a poor reflection of humanity. So my face was like a fried egg with dessicated coconut sprinkled as a garnish atop. Bemusing. The one thing I noticed: The fried egg had been cooked by someone on a post festive indulge
  13. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!! I hope it works amazingly for you. Looking forward to your updates
  14. DAY 13 and 14 DOUBLE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to curb the number of exclamation marks, I know. I'm also going to try and do a complete entry without the use of UPPER CASE LETTERS!!!! Starting from now. So yesterday I did something probably a little bit totally fucking dumb. I got my eyebrows tattooed. They look great, but I dreamt that my forehead split open, leaving an oily, leathery, knobbly flap precariously dangling from my scalp. I also saw all the roots of my spo