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  1. Thank you Anna Di. How did your subcision go in terms of fixing your scarring, did it completely resolve it 100%? And give you back a smooth surface?
  2. Is there any help or response I can get in this matter...? It would definitely help me worry a bit less about what to do to solve this =/
  3. Hi guys! A bit worried here =( So I have deep temporal acne crater scarring on my left side and some on my right side. I don't know what to do , I've tried fraxel/chemical peels and it didn't help. I went to a surgeon recently, and he said he can start out with a subciscion and see how much improvement occurs. Fillers would be only if he wasn't able to smooth it out enough with subciscion treatment. My main few questions here are: 1) What are the chances of ANY kind of nerve da