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  2. I wasn't aware I could try Sprionolactone. My derm basically made it seem like antibiotics or Accutane. Thank you for the info, I will ask him if it's an option for me. Accutane also makes me nervous bc I already have eczema and dry skin issues. Oh my goodness I love me some bread and cheese. Plus cream in my coffee. I'm not sure I could handle giving those up without being a total crank all day. More power to you for sticking with it! And good idea to even think of avoiding gluten and dair
  3. Hi there everyone! I am new to posting but have been reading the forums on and off for about a year. I've had acne for years, I am 24 and it's increased exponentially for about the last 5 years. As a teenager I would have a pimple and it would be no big deal. Now I always have one or two or five. I had blackheads whiteheads and cystic pimples for about a year before I visited the derm. I told him I tried everything over the counter possible. Drugstore stuff. Expensive sephora and ulta stuf