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  1. aghhne the hunger feeling will go away i have problem with that too but i just think about the benefits about fasting
  2. Stayingpositive just relax and read books when you are thirsty drink water (dont drink to much water) when you feel tired go to bed dont worry to much stress is not good in a fast. There is also a five detox cycle you can do you can read about it here [Edited link out] Starting my fast today
  3. i have some stretch marks from growing in my back i will seif fasting will heal them ive heard fasting can heal them too
  4. i will fast on wednesday because my sisters birthday is on tuesday when will you fast aghhne?
  5. I post them after the fast im starting my fast today )
  6. Try to take the elevator or just take it slow
  7. I have before after pics and yes i did vomit in the biggining of the fast
  8. Please dont eat candy or go back to your old lifestyle i et a snickers 2 days ago and the next day when i woke my face was full of eczema so i fasted that day and now its almost gone so i want to fast tomorrow stop taking the pills for 40 days
  9. My icepick were pretty deep now they are small I think i will stop taking the pills and start the fast tomorrow.
  10. My ice picks on my nose are almost gone you cant see them anymore i have keloid scar on my nose healed alot during my fast like 50 procent
  11. Just want to say my scars are still healing alot after the fast.
  12. I dont know try it . Its good to massage the scars while fasting i will ddo the five step elimination cycle you can read about it here [Edited link out]
  13. 10 days and i saw some results on my scars one ice pick scar disappeard on my nose the other scars improved. Now im trying to gain my weight back and taking my medication.