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  1. Hey! I posted this question in a separate thread but I will ask it here as well. What do you think about replacing the ACV with a weak glycolic peel, say like 5%? I don't like the smell of ACV and my roommates neither What I appreciate about ACV though, is that it's natural... I don't know whether it would be a good idea to use glycolic acid regularly...
  2. Hey ! I would like to give the ACV&vitamin C treatment a try, but I wouldn't like to smell of salad dressing... what if i replaced the ACV by a weak glycolic acid (3-5%) ? Is it safe to use glycolic acid every day for a longer period of time? Thanks!
  3. As I have stayed one the regimen only for 2 weeks I haven't yet understood if it is supposed to work only on inflamed spots or clogged pores and blackhead as well?
  4. I started the regimen 10 days ago. Out of the 47 spots I had on my face to begin with I've lost 17:) I drew 47 circles on a piece of paper and for the past few days my favourite activity has been crossing them through:)So my acne is not so bad to start with.The main problem is my "obsession" with picking at my spots which has left me with quite a few scars over the past 8 (!) years (I am 21 now). So I hope the regimen will help me to get rid of the spots so I won't have anything to pick at:) I
  5. Who are delta force operators?
  6. I have been doing light peels (10 % glycolic) every other day and applying Super Cop on my scars daily for a month and a half. The problem is, that I can't really see a lot of improvement, only my scar area is more noticeable, pink, now. I would like to know if any of you have had any success with a similar treatment? What should I do to improve my regimen? Also, does anyone know what to do with enlarged pores due to CO2 laser (one area where the doctor went "deeper")? Thank you
  7. I had it done in Paris 3 monts ago ("only" 700 euros for forehead and both cheeks and the sides of the face). I didn't really have typical acne scars - I had a few acne scars (I don't know the type, but they looked as if the top layer of skin was missing, they were more red than the rest of the skin, one of them was quite deep, others shallower), and two scars from excision one and three years ago. Although the scars were quite little and were placrs separately, she treated the whole areas. my
  8. I've never had a cyst cut but I've had electrocaogolation on a wart-like thing on my forehead and it literally let a hole in my skin, I got scared when I looked in the mirror. I had to put some antibiotic ointment on it for a week and it healed up pretty well without letting a scar (but the wart-like thing came back, too ). And when I healed after CO2 laser resurfacing, my doctor told me that the best way to avoid getting new scars and to help the old ones to fill in is to not let any scabs fo
  9. Hm...thanks! Anyone else?
  10. I came across a site about facial exercise today and I don't know what to think of it... In one word, it is an exercise programme for the face that in a few weeks should make your face more firm, youthful-looking etc. In a way it sounds logical "what exercise does to your body it can do for your face" as the site says... Anyways, there was a photo of a woman, whose rolling scars (the appearance of her rolling scars) had improved a lot after some time of exercising... Has anyone heard about Face
  11. Is it possible to make salicylic acid from simple aspirin tablets, simply by dissolving them in water? What is the acidity of salicylic acid made like that? I guess not a lot, even the taste is not really acid... The thing is that I ordered Super Cop from skin biology for a hypertrophic scar but no salicylic acid . Would the vinegar method used every day give similar results to salicylic acid peels done after every few weeks?
  12. I am using a silicone sheet from Cicacare (www.cicacare.com) on a scar that is partly hypertrophic, partly hypotrophic I got after laser resurfacing on a very deep excision scar. I don't know if it is the silicone sheet, the copper peptide cream or just time, but the scar is flattening and fading. I bought the silicone sheet at a drugstore, it was expensive (42€ for about 6x10 cm piece), but the good thing is that you can cut it into little pieces to fit the scar size and you can use one p
  13. to agua2004: Apart from not thinking about your scars how did you get rid of the shallow ones?
  14. To Denise2: I searched the forum for copper peptides and found a lot of posts from you, although not about copper peptides for raised scars . What do you think? Thank you