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  1. Hey Dancing star give it a couple more weeks use moisturizer during the day and DONT GIVE UP.
  2. Hi this is my 8th week of being on retin-a micro .1 and I do see some results. But how long do I wait to see if this is the right answer for me? I tried Proactive and after 2 months it stopped working. I currently use Purpose face wash, Retin-A Micro .1 and proactive oil-free moistureizer w/spf15.
  3. Im on the 6 1/2 week of retin-a micro and clearing up gradually. Can I start using vita k for the red marks or do I have to wait till/or if I get completley clear?
  4. How long have u been on it? Ive been on retin-a micro .1 for 6 1/2 wks now. The initial break out for me started on wk 3 and is almost done. Now I have slight red marks. Hang in in there dont give up I know its frustrating but give it a fair chance to do its job.
  5. I feel you man. Im 22 and still breaking out. Im using retin-a micro and do see some improvement. This is the start of the 7th wk.