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  1. Lenno

    Demodex Dermatitis, Demodicosis, Rosacea

    Cream Demodex Control can help to get rid of demodex mites, i also found that Ovante makes anti mange shampoo and medicated lotion for dogs and other pets but you are treating human demodex than there are bunch of anti demodex stuff on this web site http://skinimprovements.com/ovante-demodex-treatment.html
  2. Lenno



    thiw wash is terrible, i thought that it can help my demodex treatment but it made my skin look even worse
  3. Lenno

    Great if you have Demodex

    Great if you have Demodex

    Ovante makes good quality products for demodex. i ve used this shampoo and hair conditioner. both are very effective. i was fighting demodex mites on my scalp for long time to the point where i lost about 20% of my hair (and increasing). it didn't happen overnight, eventhough the itching was gone the next day since i started using the shampoo, it took a while to regrow hair.