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  1. I've been using retin-a since August, and my clogged pores are slowly coming back. So I'm thinking about asking my DR. if Accutane is the way to go... so does it get rid of clogged pores? thanks in advance.
  2. i used minocycline 100 last year for about 3 months and it worked very well. I usually break out around this time each year, so I'm going back on the medicine. does it work as well as the first time? i'm guessing no.
  3. i have so many little skin color bumps and I'm wondering if Retin-A help unclog it. Thanks in advance.
  4. It worked very well for me. I was on it for almost 3 months. It left a lot of red marks and made some spots darker and inside my nails became purple. But it was honestly worth it. For 1 MONTH i woke up without seeing a new pimple. now that i'm off of it, i've notice there has been tiny tiny tiny little dots on my face. gosh. i hate acne.
  5. yeah, i'm wondering about this also. without anything on throughout the day, i feel like i'm more prone.
  6. I started Friday, and since I've been peeling quite a bit. Is that a good thing? Peeling?
  7. Mine's actually visible, cause there's just so much of 'em. AHHHH... hmmmm. I have a headache with all this crap on my face.
  8. On my cheeks and around my mouth, there are these very little tiny dots all over. I don't think they're whiteheads because they're not white. Its the colour of my skin and if I touch my face it feels like a lot of mini-bumps. And another one. On my chin, it looks similar to the one above, but instead its smooth. It makes my complexion really weird. I'm sorry if I didn't explain good enough, cause its really hard to! Thanks in advance. this thread sounds exactly like what I have.... http://
  9. ... okay, tonight I'm gonna put some honey on two bandaids. On my cheek and another one close to my nose. I'll post tomorrow to tell you if it worked or not for me.
  10. .. their red scars. After my acne died down, it left all these red scars. Its been about 7 months. What's the best way getting rid of these scars? - Honey? I read that other thread, and I'm thinking about giving it a try. Also I have these very very very tiny bumps on my nose. There like specs. How can I get rid of them? When I wash my face with hot water, it makes my face very red, which makes me feel good. It doesn't show a lot of acne marks. I hate acne, I'm scared if I will go thro
  11. What does "BP" stands for? Any recommendation? Does ProActive work well for my problem? 'Cause my parents recently order it and the package arrived a couple days ago. EDIT - I wash my face, while its still wet, I add clearasil. Then I wash my face 30 seconds later and dry it. Then apply moisturizer.
  12. ... okay, this is my first post on this messageboard. And like everyone else, I have acne. The problem with my acne is I have several red spots on my cheeks. What is is? And how do I clear it? Its been on my cheeks since December, I'm 16 and acne has been a huge problem with me since. I'm also a male. Here's my night routine, so you can get a feel of what I might be doing wrong or right... Morning 1. Wash my face with warm water and then apply Clarisol. 2. Dry my face, then apply Olay