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  1. Yes i put make up when i go to school, not to make them diseaper juste to make them looks less red. Its a shame cause i'm a guy
  2. Ok thanks ! But i will have to wait 10 mounth right ? Picture of my scars : My scars always fade when its not on my cheeks. But when its on my cheeks, its stay here for mounth and mounths !
  3. Hello ! i wanna know if there a least one treatement for red marks that you can do while you're on accutane, or right after (without having to wait 6 mounths ) I'm only 1 mounth on accutane and can't still believe i'mma have those scars for 10 mounths, it make me so depressed. Don't care to spend money on my face, but why can't we have a treatement on accutane ? Thanks. I put honey on my face before taking a shower then after i put citaplast from laroche posay everyday.
  4. I think the bad toxins could create acne, i don't know, also red it help the healing of scars.
  5. The reason water is good for the acne is that it eliminate the bad toxin from your skin. But i don't think you will clear by drinking water that's for sure but water is good for your body anyway. I drink almost 2L of water per days. I don't even drink juice anymore. It's free and simple why not give a try ?
  6. Yeah. Its sooo bad to hang out with a big white pimple on thé face. For thé scars, i dont pop them and then looks dirt ans ugly but when it dry ten fall it make a big hole in my skin too which freak me out everytime ! But the good new is that a dont have hole in my skin anymore. But. It still leave a red mark
  7. Ok hello there. I have a lot of questions. I don't have any dermatologist cause everywhere i go, they says they don't take new patients anymore. Well, i maybe find one, but i cannot take a meeting with them until november or december so i went here to ask my questions. Anyway, my doctor put me on accutane, i'm on day 9. My dream to become a models is scraped by my severe acne, that is not very old (4 mounths). The worst is the reds marks. So heres my questions : On accutane, are the reds mar
  8. I heard aloe gel and aloe vera isn't good when you still have active acne, is it true ?
  9. this gel is : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-umAfg1l-pT0/UIQsRzLQ9GI/AAAAAAAACL8/47qcJm77DGs/s1600/DSC03542.JPG suposse to kill the bacteria, heard it helps for redness too. I just bought it before starting accutane, cost like 60$ i know i'm not really suposse to put this on my face on accutane, but i do, at least for the first week, cause the dryness didn't really began. You think i should stop ? I'm was thinking maybe it will help reduce the IB. I don't put to much, just on the active pimp
  10. I woke up this morning, with this. Im 8 days on accutane, and got a black spot, not dark brown or dark red realy black, its not blood, i touch it and its smooth, its not a pimple, its just like, i dont know, its weird. Was is it ? is it normal ? My skin seems to peel, but its just the gel i use : stievamycin that peel when it dry. thanks you.
  11. I am 30mg a day and i'm only 50kg ? My doctor said it was a low dose
  12. Awesome. The acne-free picture were took after 4.5 mounths on accutane ? After how many time you can have a peeling ? I've seen that you can't do anything for scaring before 6 to 12 mounths when you finish accutane, maybe i'm wrong. Can you post picture of your scaring ? How many mounths have you finished accutane ? I'm on day 8 and i think the initial breakout is kicking in and i'm starting school next week, so so stressed. How long did your IB last ? thanks a lot.