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  1. Yep i'm still clear. No side effects or anything. Can't understand why more people don't give retin-a a proper try. It does take a long time to work but give it 6 months or more and the results are amazing.
  2. IMO there's nothing wrong with venting your frustrations or posting something a bit negative when your feeling down as theres lot of people on here who can help you feel a bit more positive again. I do however completely agree that there have been a select few on here lately who seem to post the same old overly negative stuff all the time, seemingly just to argue with others. It's probably easiest to just ignore them as they seem to just want attention/an argument.
  3. Oh great another one of these "I'm too ugly/women are so shallow threads" Now this is not meant as an insult but you seem to make a lot of assumptions about what women think despite the fact you've made it very clear that you actually been unable to get to know any very well. Your probably a nice guy in real life, but if your attitude towards yourself in real life is anything like it is on here then I think that's probably the source of your problems with women!!
  4. Chemical castration!!!! That is a bit extreme. I understand the frustration that comes with dating with acne, and I often struggle with my own self esteem, but...... and I don't want to seem harsh or judgemental here..... there always seems to be someone here making completely irrational statements about the opposite sex writing them off because of their appearance, seemingly with the sole intention of arguing with anyone trying to persuade them that actually people aren't that shallow or nasty
  5. For me personally, it doesn't matter at all if a girl has acne. In fact I've seen many, many girls with acne who still look stunning! Maybe girls just over think how critical guys are about their looks, because neither me or any other guy I know walks around judging girls because they aren't dressed a certain way or don't have flawless skin. Us guys are no where near perfect so we certainly don't expect or look for perfection!
  6. How do you know such things if you don't talk to them? I don't claim to know anything for certain, it's just my opinion after a lot pondering over the years and reading a lot of forums on here. It's not hard to link low self esteem/shyness to difficulties with the opposite sex and through my own experience it's easy to still let your low self esteem control you even after getting clear skin.
  7. I too think that confidence and social skills play a bigger part in attracting the opposite sex than your complexion. Take me for example....I'm lucky enough in the last few weeks or so to have finally got clear skin after 5 or 6 years of mild/moderate acne but I still have zero confidence around girls - mainly because I still don't feel attractive. I'm also very quiet, and to be blunt, would be considered a bit socially awkward. Despite my clear skin I know that I still don't have a hope in hel
  8. Well I had a lot of blackheads on my forehead to start off with but they certainly didn't get any worse. Right now I probably only have a few that are barely noticeable even when staring very closely at my face. Everyone's different though so it maybe that you get more blackheads but personally I wouldn't worry about them.
  9. Glad your feeling more hopeful with your new treatment If your like me the flaking won't last much longer than a few weeks but even if it lasts for longer the end results are completely worth it! All I can say is stick with it...There were times when I wondered if Retin-A was really doing anything to my skin at all but once I was 4 - 5 months in I noticed a MASSIVE improvement with my skin. There are some people on here who say retinoids never did anything but make their skin worse, but
  10. Thanks Sorry about the late reply...I keep forgetting to check this thread When I used the regimen (or any bp treatment for that matter) I always had really really bad flaking - especially when I first started. Sometimes I would leave home thinking I had the dry skin sorted and then I'd look into a mirror after eating lunch or something and my whole chin would just be a giant flaky mess. Not nice and quite embarrassing. Personally with Retin-a I had very little flaking and it seemed to st
  11. I had completely forgotten I was writing this ( not that anyone but me reads it anyway ) hence the massive gaps between posts. So now I'm around 5 months into using Retin-a so I should probably sum up the main things I have found/experienced so far....... 1. My skin is now 95% clear. I still get one or two very small pimples every 2-3 weeks but they fade very very quickly and leave virtually no mark afterwards. 2. When I first started using Retin-A I was also put on a 3 month course of
  12. Reading through this thread makes me feel a little sad because I can relate to all these thoughts and emotions with regards to dating and the opposite sex (though I'm obviously a guy). I have never considered that maybe I just don't trust girls to like me, but now that I think about it, it's obvious that I don't trust them to not judge my appearance. At the end of the day I'm pretty much assuming that any girl is just shallow or rude without getting to know them or giving them a chance - which a
  13. Acne definitely triggered social anxiety for me. Like so many others on here before acne I had a normal social life, but after a few years of acne problems I'm now very shy and have virtually no social life to speak of. At one point the anxiety was so bad I would actually crisscross the street as I was walking to avoid people looking at my face. For me the anxiety issues have been by far the worst symptom of my acne and unfortunately it's proving very hard to fix. That being said.....I've f
  14. Well your not alone that's for sure! I'm exactly the same as you with regards to experience with girls and it frustrates me immensely (I seem to have a girl repelling force field ). I often worry that if/when I manage to have a relationship I'll be so inexperienced in every way compared to her that it will be off putting. That probably sounds stupid but everyone else has had or has a relationship so they are all miles ahead of me. It's cool you've got such a positive attitude about it thoug
  15. Day 68: Haven't posted in a while because nothing has really changed over the past couple of weeks. My chin is still doing well. It has remained clear apart from one small pimple on the corner of my mouth and the little bit of hyper pigmentation there is also nearly completely gone. My forehead is still being difficult. I thought it had finally started to clear up as I hadn't had an active pimple there for a over a week and all the hyper-pigmentation was starting to fade nicely. Then