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  1. I understand, Thank you! If I may ask - How exactly did you convert to bp at night only? Did you just slightly lower amounts of bp each week in the morning and keep fingers length at night? Or did you completely quit applying bp in the morning one day, cold turkey?
  2. It has been a while since I've been on the forums mainly because the regimen has worked perfectly for me. I've been on it for about 8 months and it was very beneficial. However I still have slight hyperpigmentation on my cheeks & forehead. I really want to slowly get off the regimen though. Which brings me to my question, Has anyone had success with this? If so please tell the process of how you did it? Even any advice on applying bp once a day would be great for me.. I use a fingers len
  3. I am in serious consideration of changing up the regimen even though it has been very kind to me. It has worked on clearing my skin and keeping acne to around 1-2 pimples a week. However, the red/brown marks left behind are quite bothersome. I've never had a problem with PIH in the past either. Any advice of what to do about these pesky spots? They've been a burden to my skin for the same amount of time I started the regimen. I've used AHA for around 2 months but not much improvement has been se
  4. That's another thing, I'm clear.. In a sense.(: *knock on wood* All I have is just the marks and maybe a couple of raised bumps. My skin surely feels good, just doesn't look it, yet. I'll post before pics soon to show progress! But thanks! I'll give that AHA method another go!
  5. Indeed I have. Although I immediately stopped because I felt as if it were hindering the effects of the BP. I might as well try it again though! Do you still use AHA as moisturizer after completing those steps? Just wondering!
  6. Im just going to get straight to the point! What is the best way to use AHA? I've been using it every night but have only seen slight results. I figured every 2-3 days would be a better option, to give skin time to heal in between, maybe? I have no idea! But these red/brown marks are a huge pain! Any other products for hyperpigmentation would be great too. Oh! & I have a light brown skin tone if that makes a difference. As always, help is much appreciated!
  7. After seeing your results, I am a little tempted in all honesty. Congrats! I use Dan's AHA+ at night by its self though, so wouldn't salicylic acid in conjunction with AHA be too overwhelming for the skin?
  8. Thank you very much!(: So cerave is a better choice for a non-greasy look? If so, is there any certain type I should get?
  9. I am loving the regimen so far and the products but I was wondering, what is the closest and best choice for an alternative moisturizer similar to acne.org's moisturizer? I ask because after I apply it and let it dry, my face has like an oily, yellow tint to it and feels as if it sits on top of my face rather than being absorbed. I figured it was the jojoba oil that was already in the product causing this so if that's the case a different moisturizer would be needed. Similar moisturizers woul
  10. I've been through that stage of horrible brown patches. It was very embarrassing. Mine looked like I had gotten burnt But with time ..moisturizer/jojoba oil its goneee! Happy about that. Moisturize properly & use jojoba oil it really helps : Glad to know I'm not the only that experienced this! But it did go away within time right? & Very very much appreciated everyone! I feel much more confident about this now!
  11. Alright thanks guys ! So the skin peeling is normal? it's fine to continue the use of bp? I'm not allergic or anything just skeptical on whether it's helping my skin or destroying it. That was the closest thread I found that relates to my problem. Mine just isn't as severe. But I will look into the jojoba oil today. Appreciate it !
  12. So I am entering my 3rd week on the regimen starting Monday, the burning and other issues I was having subsided by the second week. However I have encountered a new issue. After I use the products, my face doesn't feel moisturized, it feels somewhat stale or stiff. I noticed that my overall skin tone was different than the area around my eyes (where I don't apply the product). It was more dark. I just figured this was normal but then after I wash my face again I noticed that some of it started p
  13. I agree with LewisS. Although, I began the regimen recently and im going to wait to try out the PMD. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l7oUjKsGHA4 That is what caught my eye. She used it and looks completely flawless. Just make sure you understand there is still the risk of irritation!
  14. Hmm I figured, I'll monitor how my skin reacts within the next month, Thank you ! Helped a lot.(:
  15. So, I received the regimen beginner kit on Monday. I've seen quite a few success stories about it and immediately became obsessed with the product and reviews. I'm a teenager and was desperate for something to help my acne before school started again. I've read up about how it can cause dryness & flaky skin but that wasn't anything new with products that I've previously used. I have been on the regimen for around 5 days now. I must say, I have seen remarkable results so far in just this ti