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  1. i got a mole in that position too!haha.but not as big as urs.i got lots of moles on my face as well.i think pple dont really notice it that much so dont worry!
  2. yea i got hormonal acne too.breakouts in jaw and chin mostly.sometimes got blackheads on nose. ok mitsey let's be acne buddy do you use msn?
  3. my acne flared up quite badly again and i need someone badly to discuss what to do about our acne tgt and stick to our regimen firmly for about 2 weeks to see whether it works and compare our results. basically im sick of my acne and am not doing anything about it recently and i just ate a bit of junk for a few days and my face is like shyt.sick of nt being able to eat certain stuff. so christmas is coming and a NEW YEAR is coming as well.i wanna get my face looking at least reasonable.now its
  4. hi.this kinda dreaded feeling.i know.have been there before.am still dealing with this shyt but then yea we gonna be stronger.really.think of our blessings compared to other people.hope you can find a solution to make your face look better.not having a gf before and remaining a virgin is no big deal.i guess we just have to find our way out of life when we are faced with this horrible acne thing
  5. hello pretty girl :) I'm your first comment..yay!

  6. i am willing to go bald for max a year.who cares.i got clear skin now and i can cover with hats everyday and i bet i wouldnt look tt bad with clear skin.even if i have the most beautiful hair,i will still look fugly with shyt skin.yep
  7. had my 18th bdae few weeks back.skin was like SHYT
  8. yea i feel like a monster too.this horrible freak with disfiguring spots and holes on my face.like i can act as an ailen in a showww
  9. i wonder how i feel if i am clear too.probably i will feel im on heaven.
  10. hey just wanna share with u guys that im glad things turn out fine for prom. my first time putting on makeup and it was ok.im glad i went there with my zits covered up. i didnt feel pretty but i felt more assured of myself cos i know i look like i got clear skin for like the first time in years. yep.makeup can do wonders. (: think happy thoughts people. even though you are deep down depressed. like me ): have uploaded a couple of pics onto my album.lazy to upload fotos.gonna sleep.zzz after
  11. breakaway


    with makeup
  12. hey me too acne just eats me up,and my friends got beautiful skin too,and its just me with SHYT UP skin.i think maybe its good to have a heart-to-heart talk with ur mum or something.cheerz
  13. yea im upset.12-18.tot i would be clear by 18.but noo.acne still.with lots of redmarks and scars. i feel insecure abt my skin.it's hampering with my life.i used to be real depressed but now im MUCH MUCH better than the past but i just can't look at myself in the mirror,esp in daylight when all my scars will show my family is kinda a bit tight on our finances and i got a LONG vacation now(abt half a year) before i start uni next year and i really want to work to help out and also to spend on my